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Chiayi County ─ Fengshan Scenic Area
Fengshan Scenic Area-
Fengshan is the highest farm village in Taiwan, surrounded by mountains. The geographic location makes the village isolated from the pollution of the civilization. Fengshan is like an agricultural museum because the agricultural tools and equipments are everywhere in this village. Due to the rise of Alishan tourism, many people also want to visit this agricultural village.

The buildings here were built in traditional local materials such as rocks, bamboo, and soil; it has well represented the natural ambiance. The local villagers are very kind and full of passion; you can often see them smile at people. Fengshan’s agriculture industry is mostly based on bamboo shoot, tea leaf, fruits, and other vegetables. Besides the village, Fengshan is well-known by Fengshan’s 10 scenic spots. One of the most popular landscapes is the Jiaolong Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Taiwan of 800 meters high.

There is at least one major Typhoon in summer blows the road away and leaving the village cut off for months. Since typhoon is usually a summer and autumn disaster, it would be better for visitors to visit Fengshan during the winter or early spring time.

Fongshan Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County 605, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By car:
From Chiayi New Central Cross-Island Road to Hshizot, turn to Hshizhi Road to Fengchihu.
Continue passing Taiho to Fungshan. Alternatively, go along Louisue Main Road passing Chiayi, Zochi, Shuitou, Louilee, Taiho and finally, to Fungshan.

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