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2016 Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival

Alishan cherry blossom and train photo by Chiang
Alishan cherry blossom and train photo by Chiang
The annual Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival will be started from March 10th to April 10th at Alishan Forest Recreation Area. There are more than 10 kinds of cherry trees in Alishan Forest Recreation Area, including Yoshino cherry tree, Formosan cherry tree, Fuji cherry tree, Yaezakura cherry tree. Among all of them, Alishan is especially famous for the large amount of Yoshino cherry trees. Alishan Forest Recreation Area has more than 1,900 Yoshino cherry trees, making Alishan the only and the largest area for Yoshino cherry blossom in Taiwan.
Alishan House, photo provided by Alishan House
Alishan House, photo provided by Alishan House
Alishan Forest Recreation Area is located in Chiayi County, Taiwan, about 2 hours away from HSR Chiayi Station. Set with an altitude over 2,000 meters, Alishan has the perfect landscape and climate for diverse ecologies. During the flower season, in addition to cherry blossoms, magnolia, Crocus Tritonia, Taiwan Alpine Rhododendron and Taiwan Pleione are also bloom. The fascinating sight of Alishan is definitely a must see in the flower season.
This year, to maintain the quality of tourism, there will be tourist number control (16,000 people per day) and traffic control of the no. 18 Provincial Highway during the first three weekends of the festival (3/12, 3/13, 3/19, 3/20, 3/26, 3/27). The traffic control period of vehicles driving from Chiayi will be 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. of the mentioned dates, 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. for vehicles driving from Nantou. And the traffic control sections will be from no. 18 Provincial Highway 65.5k, Chiayi to no. 21 Tatachia, Nantou. Small vehicle with no relevant documents are not allow to drive through this section at the traffic control period. For independent travelers planning to arrive between 6am and 11am, they can park their vehicles at the parking lot at the 61km mark on Highway No. 18 and take the bus to the park. Bus tickets can be purchased in advance at the 7-Eleven, Hi-Life and Family Mart. Visitors can also take Kuo-Kuang Bus leaving from Taipei, Taichung and Kaohisung. And can enter Alishan Forest Recreation Area at a discounted ticket price TWD150.

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