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Chiayi County ─ Taihe Scenic Area
Taihe Scenic Area-
Taihe is the farthest and the richest village of Meishan (plum mountain). It is about 900 meters above sea level, and there are many bamboo trees and pine trees. The south side of Taihe connects Fenchihu, and the north side of Taihe is facing Caoling. The east side is Laiji’s scenic landscape, and the west side has Rueili scenic landscape.

About ten years ago, orchard tourism had become popular. In order to attract tourists, villagers planted huge amount of plum trees all over the village. As the result, the whole village would be enveloped in the sea of plum flowers every year at the end of January. In May, farmers will start to pick ripe plums and make preserve plums, the specialty of Taihe.

Huashixi reservation area is one of the few undeveloped areas in Taihe. Visitors can see lots of aboriginal scenes, such as waterfall, Stalactites, and clear lake. The river water is so clear that you can even see the bottom of the river. Since there is no light pollution, visitors can find fireflies during April to June. The breathtaking aboriginal scenes of Taihe enhance the attractiveness of Alishan tourism.

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Taihe Village, Meishan Shiang, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Located near Fenchihu, Taihu Scenic Area is the farthest village of Meishan having an elevation about 900 meters above sea level. Spectacular views of waterfalls, bamboo, and stagmalite along Taishan path.

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Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號): exit from Chiayi Interchange (嘉義交流道) -> 159 County Road (159縣道) -> 18 Provincial Highway (18號省道) -> 169 County Road (169縣道) -> Taihe Scenic Area (太和風景區)

By Bus:
Take bus at the front of Yushan Inn (玉山旅社). Yushan Inn is close to Chiayi Beimen Station (嘉義北門站).

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