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Chiayi County ─ Rueili Scenic Area
Rueili Scenic Area-
Rueili is located in Meishan (Plum Mountain) town which has altitude about 1,000 meters. The Rueili Village was called the “Young Leaf Forest” because there were lots of young leaf trees. The name was changed to Rueili during the time when Taiwan was Japanese colony.

There are many scenic spots near Rueili. On the east side of Rueili are the Cao Mountain and Fongshan. On the west side are the Bihu Tea area and Taiping. On the south side are the Liping Forest Railway and Fencihu. On the north side is the grand Alishan tourist area. Rueili has plenty of water resources which have the advantage of growing rice. Due to the climate, rich soil and villagers’ professional skills, Rueili has fine High Mountain tea and earn good reputation.

Rueili is well-known by its beautiful nature. The forest consists of many kinds of trees such as cassia bamboo trees and fir trees. During the flower season, which starts every winter and ends in April, you can see beautiful plum blossoms, peach blossoms, chestnut flowers, and many others everywhere. The green trees and colorful flowers makes a delicately scene in Rueili. Besides, there are many other scenic spots in Rueili. There is a famous Yun Pond Waterfall of 200 meters high, a Swallow Cliff, and a Bet Cave. The surface of the Swallow Cliff is full of horizontal stripes due to wind erosion, and it is the place where swallows build their nests. The Bet Cave is a huge cliff that has thousands of different sizes of stone holes due to earth quakes and erosions for millions of years.

Rueili Village, Meishan Township, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Take Chiayi Bus- Rueli Scenic Area route in downtown Chiayi City.

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