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Alishan National Scenic Area is one of the famous touring attractions in Taiwan. Travelers come here to see the sunrise at Zhushan as the sun emerges from the sea of cloud, the giant Taiwanese red cypresses, and the cherry blossoms in spring. Alishan’s name derived from an aboriginal chief of Tsou Tribe whose name is “Aliba.” He was famous for the expertise of hunting. Whenever he went hunting, he always came back with a victory and a great gain. To commemorate the chief, the locals named this place “Alishan.” Alishan is well-known for its natural geographic location and many travelers come here to relax and embrace the nature.
Alishan Shermuh International Tourist Hotel is the one nearest the Alishan entrance, and close to the train station. The four story high building has total of thirty two guestrooms for maximum capacity of eighty guests. This hotel tenders quality customer service and provides free Alishan tour and coupons for discount of nearby forest park recreation area. Please check with the reception counter for more details. In addition, the hotel also provides the free shuttle pick up for fixed destination, which required to reserve in advance and pickup service from Chiayi HSR to the hotel with charge. Seeking a destination for the autumn travel? Now is a good weather and breathtaking view are waiting for you.

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