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(Taipei) Have A Two Day Travel at Wulai

Situated in Taipei County, Wulai is a natural place for relaxing and taking spring water baths. You may take MRT to Taipei Main Station or Xindian Station, and then take bus no. 1601 to the last stop. There are lots of restaurant and stalls along the Wulai Old Street. You may try the Bamboo Tube stuffed with Rice, Baked Mochi, brown sugar mochi, deep fried river prawns and fish, Honey-Glazed Yams, Magao Chicken (baked chicken with black pepper,) Wild Boar Kebabs, Wild Boar Sausage, and high mountain vegetables and ferns. There are also hot spring resorts for you to relax and unwind through taking a hot spring bath.

You may go through an Atayal intellectual tour at the Wulai Atayal Museum. The museum displays all kinds of Atayal’s features include the handcrafted artifacts, fabric weaves, weapons of the Atayal, as well as introducing the history and culture of the Atayal.

After you have walk through a bridge, you may see a “Wulai Log Cart” sign on the wall right in front of you. You may go up the stairs to the Log Cart Station and take the log cart to the top of a nearby mountain. The ride takes about 10 minutes; natural views and the Wulai Waterfall can be seen during the ride. The Wulai Waterfall had been listed as one of Taiwan’s eight most beautiful attractions during Japanese colonial period. It has a height of approximately 80 meters with clear water. Many travelers like to go fishing or barbequing near the waterfall.

A GAGA Theater is near the log cart station where you may watch aboriginal dance show of the Atayal. You may also choose to take a cable car to Yun Hsien Forest Recreation Area to enjoy the time of leisure and relaxation.

On your way back, you may choose to take the log cart again to get off the mountain, or take a stroll along the Lover's Path. It’s a nice stroll of less than 30 minutes with river gorge views.

After enjoyed the delicious local food for dinner, you may choose to stay one night at the Full Moon SPA and to enjoy the notable Wulai hot spring bath.

The Full Moon SPA is a delightful Taiwan hot spring hotel featuring 7 room types with a total of 31 contemporary rooms to accommodate the needs of different guests. This Taipei hotel is elegantly designed and furnished. You may find the interiors, furniture, and even cypress-made hot spring bathtubs to pamper your stay.

Wulai is a great town for bird watching, camping, fishing, hiking, learning Atayal Culture, taking hot springs, sightseeing, and swimming. It’s worth a visit during your Taiwan travel.

Enjoy your Two day trip at Wulai!

Extra Information:
Bus no 1601: per 15-20 minutes a bus
GAGA Theater Admission Fare: TWD 350 per person
Wulai Atayal Museum Admission Fare: Free
Wulai Log Cart Ticket: TWD 50 per person and TWD 30 per elder (over 65 years old.)
Yun Hsien Forest Recreation Area & Yun Hsien Resort Admission Fare + Cable Car Ticket: TWD 220 per person and TWD 150 per elder (over 70 years old.)