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New Taipei City ─ Wulai
Located in New Taipei City (Taipei County), Wulai is a beautiful small town surrounded by spectacular mountains ranges, running rivers, and hot springs. Within the water reservation area, Wulai features wonderful sceneries of hot springs, railways, waterfalls, gondola, and Yunshan Amusement Park.

The name of the area Wulai, is a term from the native Atayal aboriginal tribe, meaning hot spring. Therefore, hot spring is known as the main feature of Wulai. Unlike other hot springs in Taiwan, Wulai hot spring is colorless and odorless. Another famous scenic spot of Wulai is the railway that was used for the developments of the area; lumbers were delivered by trains.

Other than the hot spring and historical railway, there locates a gondola in Yunshan amusement park that locates at the top of the magnificent waterfalls. In addition to the nature environment, there is also an indigenous culture center that displays the native culture, tradition habitations, and historical artifacts of the Tai Ya aboriginal tribe. Today, Wulai is a popular scenic area for your Taipei travel.
scenery features:

Wulai is famous for its natural sceneries, enriched aboriginal cultures, and precious hot spring resource. The distinctive aboriginal delicacies of Magau will also dazzle your taste buds!

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By Bus:
Take Xindian Bus (Taipei-Wulai route bus no. 849) from Taipei Main Station at Chingdao W. Road or MRT Xindian Station to Wulai Bus Terminus. From there, take a 3-5mins walk to the hotel.

Take Taipei MRT-Xindian Line to MRT Xindian Station and take Xindian Bus (Taipei-Wulai route bus no. 849) to Wulai Bus Terminus. The travel time from MRT Xindian Station to Wulai is about a 40mins ride.