Penghu Firework Festival

Penghu Firework Festival

The Penghu Firework Festival takes place annually from spring to summer. It has become the most popular event in Penghu over the years. It all started with an aircraft accident near Penghu which caused the tourism population dropped fiercely. The authorities came up with the firework festival hoping to stimulate the tourist industry in Penghu. And the successful event has become the best way to welcome the summer with firework lighting the night sky by the beach. The opening and closing ceremony would be the highlight of the whole event. Many scheduled performances and activities are arranged throughout the festival. Penghu now offers more than just beautiful ocean scenery and exquisite savory. The Penghu Firework Festival invites you to a memorable summer experience.

Penghu Cultural Exploration

Penghu Cultural Exploration

Penghu Main Island→Tianhou Temple→Penghu Old Street→Four Eyes Well→Baishawan, Xiyu→Zhongtun Wind Mill→Penghu Trans-Oceanic Bridge→ Giant Banyan Tree→Whale Cave→Dream Beach→ Erkan Historical Village→Dagoyeh Cliff→ Xiyu Western Fort→Fake Fort→Xiyu Light House

Penghu Natural Scenery Tour

Penghu Natural Scenery Tour

Penghu Main Island→Sea Palace→Chimei→Seven Beauties Tomb→ Husband Waiting Rock→Great Stone-lion Recreational Area→Xiaotaiwan→ Twin Heart Stone Weir→Wangan→Zhongshe Old Mansion→Tiantaishan→Sea Turtle Institute→Guanyinshi→Japanese Military Headquarters→Wharf→ Hujing Columnar Basalt→Volcano→Lotus Base

Penghu Water Activities

Penghu Water Activities

Penghu Main Island→Shangshui Beach→Jibeiyu→Jibei Beach→Islets→Islet Beach→Islet Fude Temple

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