Penghu Exclusive Specialties

Penghu features aragonite, shell and sand artworks. As for food, pastries and products made with peanut and seafood are the most popular gifts to bring back home.

Brown sugar cake

Brown sugar cake

Brown sugar cake is the most popular specialty of all. Traditional Chinese pastry flavored with brown sugar. It was told brown sugar cake was originally created by a Japanese pastry chef. He combined the black sugar recipe from his home town Okinawa into the Chinese traditional pastry cake. Soon, the cake became more and more popular. It has become the most renowned must buy in Penghu.

White gourd cake

The white gourd cake is an exclusive Penghu product. It is very popular, almost taking place of the moon cake. The process is long and very complicated. It used up to 100kg kg white gourd to produce only 7kg of the stuffing. White gourd cake tastes similar to the sun cake from Taichung, but uses less sugar. It often runs out of stock during the Moon Festival.

Salty Biscuit

The salty biscuit is made by the oldest pastry shop in Taiwan. It traces back to the Qing Dynasty, when the first pastry chef moved to Penghu from China. At the time, most of the Taiwan pastries are sweet. The chef tried salty pastry to make a difference and it worked. Over hundred years of providing the salty biscuit according to the original recipe, the salty biscuit has become one of the exclusive specialties in Penghu.


Peanut product

Penghu is an ideal place to grow peanuts. The land, the weather and the high mineral in the soil. Peanut is the renowned farming product of the agriculture industry in Penghu. It is harvest only once a year. It is a long process growing peanut comparing to the peanut elsewhere. So the peanut is filled with flavor and scent. The peanut product including peanut cake, peanut brittle, and peanut candy.


Seafood product

As an island surrounded by sea, the fresh seafood has always been appealing to visitors. But the dried seafood products are something you should not miss out on. Made from the fresh catch, the dried seafood products like dried squid, cuttlefish, fish sticks and may other dried sea food cooking ingredients are available almost in any shop anywhere on the island.

Pepino dulce

Solanum muricatum is an evergreen shrub originally from South America and grown for its sweet edible fruit. It is known as pepino dulce or sweet cucumber. It can be found only in Penghu in all the areas in Taiwan. It is known well for your health and even good for the skins.



The three treasures of Penghu cactus, aloe and mosla herb. Originated from Mexico and India, cactus was brought to Penghu by the Dutch in 1645. There are six types of cactus in Penghu, but only one of those fruit is edible. The red fruit is nicknamed Penghu apple which contains high vitamin c and amino acid for your body. The local made ice cream, jam, and juice from the cactus fruit. It is the hottest product during summer.

Mosla herb

Penghu offers the best environment for mosla herb to grow. It is also known as Penghu herb tea. It does not require any special care. It grows almost anywhere in Penghu. Tea products are made for visitors to enjoy them at home.


One of the three treasures Penghu offers, aloe requires a hot and dry environment to grow. Penghu offers sufficient sun light throughout the whole year. The production of aloe in Penghu may be the highest of all comparing to other countries around the world. Aloe is good for skin care products, shampoo and conditioner. The locals took advantage of the natural benefits aloe provides and offers the most natural products for your skin and your hair.


Penghu is also known to be the home of the aragonite. Consisted of 90 islets, Penghu Islands were formed by the eruption of the volcano which contains high basalt. The air holes of the stones pressures and forms aragonites. The color and the grain are appreciated by collectors. Penghu is one of the few places with such mineral resources around the world. The stone is made into many souvenirs or every day use product.

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