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Penghu County ─ Niaoyu
Niaoyu meaning Bird Isle in Chinese is a 26.5 hectare isle. The name came from the rich bird habitat in the early days before people started to develop the land. Now only the migration birds will visit in certain season of the year. Niaoyu is the second highest populated isle in the Baisha area. The locals are mostly fishermen. It is a traditional fishermen village.

Niaoyu is formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava from the volcano. The natural mineral resource is valuable, so is the priceless scenery. Especially on the east side, basaltic columns can be found. And on the northern part of the area, the onion-like rock formation is very unique. When the tide lowers, a dry land will appear and connects Guayu and Niaoyu. This place has been designated as basalt reserved area.

Of all of the small islands in Penghu, Niaoyu is one of the most beautiful. For basaltic rock scenery simply head east. There are 10 islets on the east side and each features its’ own characteristic scenery and landscape.
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