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Dayi Temple-
Dayi Temple is located in Xiyu Island, Penghu. It was built in 1862, almost 200 years. After recent remodeling, it was became a renowned tourist attraction and the religion center of the locals. In the early days, the temple worshipped Wen Fu Wang only. The local later start to worship Wen Fu Wang and Guan Yu, which both represents the spirit of honor and justice.

After remodeling, Dayi Temple is now a magnificent and impressive architectural building. With religious background and sightseeing potential, the temple has many features which stand out. The statue of Guan Yu on his horse tall 2 meters is at the front of the temple. There is an underground cave right pass the donation box. The cave is decorated with coral materials and lighting was designed to present a virtual scene. Each section is set with different theme. The temple offers more than just religion related. Many of the Penghu special features are included in the design like the wishing well with large sea turtles. It is said if you make a wish then successfully toss you coin onto the shell of the turtles, your wish is likely to come true.

Dayi Temple Exhibition Hall
The exhibition hall is located on the left wing, to your right facing inside from the entrance. The displays are mainly antiques and artifacts collected from China. From ancient vase, copper wear, statues and animal specimens. The display items increases as the locals and believers likes to share their collection and deposit their items in the exhibition hall.
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Dayi Temple
Tel: 06-9981154

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By Bus
Take bus heading for Dayi Temple from Makong City

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