Taiwan Popular Beach & Surfing Spot

Baishawan (White Sand Beach)

(Northern Taiwan) New Taipei City - Baishawan (White Sand Beach)

The beach is located between Linshanbi to the south and Fugui Cape to the north, in Shimen District in New Taipei City (Taipei County); which translates as “White Sand Beach”, is one of the well-known beaches along the north coast. The 1 km long, half-moon shaped beach featuring rocky promontories as the result of volcanic activity from the Datuen Range that sent lava flowing directly ...

Fulong Beach

(Northern Taiwan) New Taipei City - Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach is a gorgeous stretch of golden sand beaches on the northeast coast in Fulong Village, Gongliao Township, New Taipei City (Taipei County). The beach covers 3kms along the coastline, and it has always been a summer resort in northern Taiwan. The beach has clear seawater and fine sand in golden colour. It is perfect for surfing, wind gliding and sailing. There’s a lot a large par...

Sizih Bay (Sizihwan)

(Southern Taiwan) Kaohsiung City - Sizih Bay (Sizihwan)

Sizih Bay (Sizihwan)  is located on the west of Kaohsiung City. Situated between Wanshou Shan and Chichin Island, Sizih Bay is a sandy beach and with beautiful coral formations on the coastlines, offering magnificent views of the nature.In 1980, the famous Sun Yat-sen (Chungshan) University was built here, being the first university with romantic ocean views in Taiwan. Other attractions ...

Cijin Scenic Area

(Southern Taiwan) Kaohsiung City - Cijin Scenic Area

The Cijin Peninsula is a sandy islet located west of K’s port. It is about 11 km long from north to south and 20 sq feet wide. On the island, there are several attractions such as the Thienhou Temple, Chihou Shan, Cijin Lighthouse, Cijin Beach and some historical sites. The tri-saws are extremely popular here among tourists. The newly constructed tunnel connecting the island to the mainland Kaohsi...

South Bay (Nanwan)

(Southern Taiwan) Pingtung County - South Bay (Nanwan)

Located in Kenting National Park, Nanwan (South Bay) is one of the beaches of Kenting coast. It used to be a whaling area during the Japanese occupation, and is now a fishing village that has a soft white sand beach stretches 600 meters long. South Bay is the longest bay with a plain slop along the coast making it a perfect place for water activities. Domestic and foreign travelers visit Nanwan fo...

Kenting Baisha Bay (White Sand Bay)

(Southern Taiwan) Pingtung County - Kenting Baisha Bay (White Sand Bay)

As a private scenic spot in Kenting, Baisha is famous but not much tourists know how to get there. Still keep the original beach and less-construction due to fewer visitors, water activity gear rentals are also available. Baisha is the only Kenting beach on the west side of the peninsula, about 500 meters long, 40 meters wide, the white beach is formed by shell sand and embraced by the beautiful c...

Jialeshuei Scenic Area

(Southern Taiwan) Pingtung County - Jialeshuei Scenic Area

These two scenic spots are introduced together because Jialeshuei is situated in Manjhou County on the east coast of the Hengchun Peninsula. Jialeshuei used to be called “Chialowhsui”, which has the meaning of “water is falling” in the Taiwanese dialect. In 1975, Chialowhsui is renamed as Jialeshuei which means “beautiful, happy waters”. The place has plenty of ...

Daxi Honeymoon Bay

(Eastern Taiwan) Yilan County - Daxi Honeymoon Bay

For surfers, Honey Moon Bay is one of the most popular surfing sites in northern Taiwan located in Touchen Town of Yilan County. Structuring like an eyebrow shape, it is the only bay with a sand beach in the north of Taiwan. With a soft sand beach extending to the sea, this bay is an excellent place for spending leisure time. Visitors may enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Gueishan (Turtle Mountai...

Green Island

(Eastern Taiwan) Taitung County - Green Island

East of Taitung County and 18 nautical miles offshore, Green Island is a 15,034 square meters islet. It is the fourth largest island in Taitung County after Penghu Island, Lanyu Island and Hai-on Island. The population on this island is only about 4,500 people. Most of the attraction sites on Green Island are scattered along the 16.3 km round island road. These include the Nanliao Bay, Green ...

Taiwan Popular Beach & Surfing Spots

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