Yilan County ─ Daxi Honeymoon Bay
Daxi Honeymoon Bay-
For surfers, Honey Moon Bay is one of the most popular surfing sites in northern Taiwan located in Touchen Town of Yilan County. Structuring like an eyebrow shape, it is the only bay with a sand beach in the north of Taiwan. With a soft sand beach extending to the sea, this bay is an excellent place for spending leisure time.

Visitors may enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Gueishan (Turtle Mountain) from Honey Moon Bay. At the waterfront bay, it’s suitable for various water activities, such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving, etc. Furthermore, with the distinctiveness of soft sand beach in the middle and reefs on two sides, the waves have a one to three meters average height, making Honey Moon Bay one of the main surfing spots in northern Taipei. Other than water activities, families may also gather to have an intellectual trip for exploration of shells, or hermit crabs and other precious ecosystems. Overall, Honey Moon Bay is an excellent relaxing spot for all visitors!


Hoxin, Toucheng Town, Yilan County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By train:
Take train to Dasi, Yilan Station. Walk towards south, Honey Moon Bay shall be reached in about ten minutes.

By bus:
Take Guoguan bus from Taipei heading to Suao area and alight at Dasi Station. Honey Moon Bay shall be reached in a ten minute walk.