Taiwan Theme Parks

Window on China

(Northern Taiwan) Taoyuan City - Window on China

Located in Longtan Town of Taoyuan County, Taiwan, Window on China is one of Taiwan’s earliest theme parks, established in 1984. The park is consisted of 3 areas, including Mini World, Water Park, and Amusement Park. The Mini World is divided into Mini Taiwan, Mini China, Mini Asia, Mini Europe and Mini America, where visitors may find scale models of famous buildings and developments of eac...

Leofoo Village Theme Park

(Northern Taiwan) Hsinchu County - Leofoo Village Theme Park

Located in Guanxi Town of Hsinchu County, Taiwan, Leofoo Village Theme Park is one of Taiwan’s most popular amusement parks. First established in 1994, the park features 4 areas, including African Safari, Wild West, South Pacific, and Arabian Kingdom. South Pacific is where visitors may experience many exciting rides. It is appointed with Pagoda’s Revenge, Mighty Mountain Flume Adventu...

Lihpao Land (Former Yamay Recreation World)

(Centeral Taiwan) Taichung City - Lihpao Land (Former Yamay Recreation World)

The Lihpao Land is located in Taichung County’s Anmei Rd. It was originally a ranch belonging to the Taiwan Sugar Corporation. One of the representative water amusement facilities Lihpao has to offer is the first ever, large scaled outdoor artificial wave pool in the entire south-east Asia. The artificial wave pool creates waves up to 2.4 meters high. There is also the Chute Slide where 1800...

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

(Centeral Taiwan) Nantou County - Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

Located in Talin Village, Yizhi (Fish Pond) Town, this renowned cultural village was opened in July 1986 and has since became one of the most renowned amusement parks in Taiwan. Over an expanse of some 62 hectares land, adjacent to the world renowned Sun Moon Lake, this park offers a variety of activities either it be for sightseeing, vacationing, cultural exchange, recreation or educational purpo...

Janfusun Fancyworld Theme Park

(Centeral Taiwan) Yunlin County - Janfusun Fancyworld Theme Park

Janfusun Fancyworld Theme Park is located in Taiwan’s famous tea and coffee town, Gukeng Town of Yunlin County. Opened in 1990 with an area about 60 hectares, Jianfusun is the home of a wide variety of land and water rides, a gigantic Ferris Wheel, and splendid live shows offering a nice stop for visitors of all ages. Established by Jianfusun Fancyworld Corp., Janfusun Fancyworld houses all ...

E-DA World

(Southern Taiwan) Kaohsiung City - E-DA World

Established by E-United Group, the world’s fifth-largest steel producer, E-DA World is a new 90-hectare shopping and entertainment district in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Other than E-DA World, the E-United Group also has a university, hotel chain, hospital, and golf club. Occupying a large area in Dashu Town on Mt. Guanyin, E-DA World houses E-DA Outlet Mall, E-DA Theme Park as well as two upscale h...

Hualien Farglory Ocean Park

(Eastern Taiwan) Hualien County - Hualien Farglory Ocean Park

Situated in Hualien County, the Hualien Ocean Park is only 10 kilometers away from Hualien City. The park is Hualien's biggest man-made tourist attraction, and Taiwan’s first theme park focusing on marine ecology. Hualien Ocean Park features eight zones that introduce different aspects of ocean and marine life. From thrilling water rides, bumper boats, dolphin shows to roller coasters, every...

Taiwan Theme Parks

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