Hsinchu County ─ Leofoo Village Theme Park
Leofoo Village Theme Park-
Located in Guanxi Town of Hsinchu County, Taiwan, Leofoo Village Theme Park is one of Taiwan’s most popular amusement parks. First established in 1994, the park features 4 areas, including African Safari, Wild West, South Pacific, and Arabian Kingdom.

South Pacific is where visitors may experience many exciting rides. It is appointed with Pagoda’s Revenge, Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure and Captain Cook’s Swinging Ship, which are noted as the biggest coaster rides in Taiwan. Visitors are offered with great views overlooking the park and Guanxi area upon riding up high in the coaster rides. Other than thrilling rides, South Pacific also features a number of facilities that are suitable for younger kids include Bird Flight, Kid’s Katamaran, Sea Serpent, Lost World and many others allowing parents and children to savor a good time together. In addition, exciting and traditional performances are also scheduled from July through September providing visitors another choice of relaxation other than enjoying high-quality rides.

The Arabian Kingdom takes you on an Arabian journey with Aladdin, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves along with Flying Carpet, Open Sesame treasure, demons, and many others for you to immerse yourself in the place where well-known bedtime stories come to life. Take a ride on the Sultan’s Adventure and Ring of Fire and watch fabulous Middle East shows.

Wild West is designed based on Tombstone Town of Arizona State, a famous mining town of the 19th century Southern America. Visitors may find many exciting rides in the Wild West, including Screaming Condor, Big Canyon Rapid Ride, and Old Oil Well. Screaming Condor is a thrilling U shape sling track coaster that lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds gliding in the air or making a 360 degree spiral whirl, and dropping down in a fast speed of 122km/hr, while the Big Canyon Rapid Ride is the biggest manmade canoeing river in Taiwan for high speed water splash. Other soft rides include Little Rattler, Pancho Villas Crazy Barrel, and Devil’s Mine for visitors to enjoy a memorable day.

The African Safari is the only safari zoo in Taiwan where a wide range of more than 70 species and over a thousand wild animals can be seen. Visitors may tour the area through taking the steam train, sedan or bus. The Monkey Trail in the African Safari covers an area over 2 acres with nearly 30 species and over 100 protected rare monkeys such as Arabia Baboons and orangutans. The area provides a great opportunity for children to get see the great number of animals.


No.No.60,, Gongzigou,, Guanxi Township,, Hsinchu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

Taiwan renowned theme park. The only open range zoo in Taiwan.

opening hours:

April ~ June, September ~ October
Park hours
Weekdays 9:00~17:00
Weekends and public holidays 9:00~19:00
African Safari hours
(Herbivores, carnivores, primate sanctuary) 9:30~16:00

July and August
Park hours
Weekdays 9:00~20:00
Weekends and public holidays 9:00~20:00
African Safari hours
(Herbivores, carnivores, primate sanctuary) 9:30~18:30

January, February, November, December
Park hours
Weekdays 9:00~17:00
Weekends and public holidays 9:00~17:00
African Safari hours
(Herbivores, carnivores, primate sanctuary) 9:30~16:00

service facilities:

Visitor Center:
On the right side of the ticket booth, the visitor center offers service like lost & found, lockers, trolley and wheelchair rental, emergency center, pet care and child lost support.

Physical challenged friendly facilities:
The park is installed with wheel chair ramps, toilets, and priority line for the ride.

expenditure brief:

Leofoo Village Tickets
Adult: TWD 999 (age 18 & over)
Student: TWD 899 (students age 12 & over)
Children: TWD 699 (children over 120 cm and under age of 12)
Special Offer: TWD 499 (children height from 100-120 cm)
Special Offer: TWD 399 (pregnant women, physically challenged, and elders over 60)

Ambitious Tickets
Adult: TWD 1299 (age 18 & over)
Student: TWD 1199 (students age 12 & over)
Children: TWD 999 (children over 120 cm and under age of 12)
Special Offer: TWD 699 (children height from 100-120 cm)
Special Offer: TWD 699 (pregnant women, physically challenged, and elders over 60)

The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

available parking areas:

vehicles TWD 100
motorcycles TWD 30

google map

★ By Car
Highway no.1:
Exit on Hsinwu Interchange
Take no.113 county road heading Longtan
Switch onto Provincial Road no.3
And follow the sign to Leofoo Village Theme Park

Highway no.3
Exit on Guanxi Interchange
Head for the city passing Guanxi Junior High School
Turn left on Guanming Rd.
Proceed until Leofoo Village Theme Park

★ By Public Transportation
1. Take Taiwan Bus from Taipei Airport to Leofoo Village Theme Park
2. Take bus from Taichung to Longtan
Switch to taxi from Longtan to Leofoo Village theme Park

Take the train to Zhongli Station
Take Hsinchu Bus from Zhongli to Leofoo Village Theme Park