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Xiao Wulai Scenic Area

(Northern Taiwan) Taoyuan City - Xiao Wulai Scenic Area

Located in Fuxing Town of Taoyuan County, Taiwan, Xiao Wulai Scenic Area occupies an area around 200 hectares surrounded by daedal hands of Mother Nature and famed for the enriched Atayal aboriginal culture. The name, Xiao Wulai, meaning small Wulai, comes from the Atayal aboriginal word that Wulai means springs. Xiao Wulai is sometimes confused with Wulai Scenic Area in New Taipei City as they ar...

Xitou Nature Education Area (Xitou Forest Recreation Area)

(Centeral Taiwan) Nantou County - Xitou Nature Education Area (Xitou Forest Recreation Area)

Xitou Nature Education Area, also known as Xitou Forest Recreation Area, is one of Taiwan’s most noted attractions in Nantou County along with Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing Farm. Located in Nantou Lugu Town, Xitou Nature Education Area (Xitou Forest Recreation Area) has an altitude of 1,150 meters with an area of 2,500 hectares, comprised of an experimental forest of the National Taiw...

Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area

(Centeral Taiwan) Nantou County - Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area

The Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan and one of the most beautiful and most famous tour sites in Asia. Shaped like an irregular rhombus, the eastern part of the Sun Moon Lake is shaped like a round sun while the western part is like a crescent moon. Thus it was named “Sun Moon Lake.” The beauty of the Sun Moon Lake is the calm, turquoise water complemented by the majestic mo...

Alishan Forest Recreation Area

(Centeral Taiwan) Chiayi County - Alishan Forest Recreation Area

Alishan Forest Recreation Area is located within Alishan National Scenic Area, and is one of the most scenic spots in Taiwan. The climate does not change much throughout four seasons. Average temperature hover around 10 degree Celsius, making Alishan a great place to get away from the hot and humid summers of Taiwan. Alishan Forest Recreation Area contains the largest  train station in T...

Suao Cold Spring

(Eastern Taiwan) Yilan County - Suao Cold Spring

The Suao Cold Spring is a truly rare natural spring with water at temperature at 22 °C below. This kind of unique springs is only in Italy and Taiwan. The water of Suao Cold Spring is odorless, clear and drinkable and contains sodium bicarbonate.The spring is located north of Suao Town, about 300 meters in front of the Suao Train Station, near Chungyuan Road and Nenchuan Road. The water is freez...

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

(Eastern Taiwan) Yilan County - Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

At 1,950 meters high, Taipingshan (Mt. Taiping) was once, one of three regulated research woodlands in Taiwan. It has now been developed into tourist area. Its compound includes the Lenzhir Hot Springs, Lantai Nursery, Virgin Forest Park, Mt. Independent (Tulishan) Wildlife Preservation Area, Chuifung Lake, etc. The most attractive spot is mid-way between the Forest Park and the Wildlife Preservat...

Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area

(Eastern Taiwan) Taitung County - Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area

Located within Jhihben Hot Spring area of Taitung County, Taiwan, Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area spans an area about 110.08 hectares, with an altitude ranging from 125-650 meters. With a location in southeast Taiwan, Jhihben area has a humid warm climate with an average temperate about 22 degrees Celsius, where a variety of plants can be found such as evergreen broadleaf, primeval ficus f...

Taiwan Summer Resorts

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