Kaohsiung City ─ Cijin Scenic Area
Cijin Scenic Area-
The Cijin Peninsula is a sandy islet located west of K’s port. It is about 11 km long from north to south and 20 sq feet wide. On the island, there are several attractions such as the Thienhou Temple, Chihou Shan, Cijin Lighthouse, Cijin Beach and some historical sites. The tri-saws are extremely popular here among tourists. The newly constructed tunnel connecting the island to the mainland Kaohsiung has added another attraction to Cijin Scenic Area.

Built in 1691 and located at No. 93, Miochen Street, Thienhou Temple is located devoted to the Matzu, meaning Mother Ancestor. The temple was renovated in 1928 to its present outlook. There are fine stone curving along the walls and displays of archeological remains from as early as 1889. Sandy beaches and crystal clear water have attracted hosts of vacationers to the beautiful Cijin Beach.

Soaking in the clean salt water at the beach pool, visitors will enjoy views far out to the horizon, fishing boats and the Chihou Mountain. Even when the beach pool is closed during off season, vacationers still crowd the beach.

Erected on the northern part of the Cijin Island,the Cijin Lighthouse was built in 1883 by British engineers as a military outpost during the confrontation with France. As the back of the lighthouse is a military base where entry is restricted, the lighthouse is inaccessible to commoners. However, an unobstructed view of the lighthouse is possible from the Sizih Bay across the sea.


Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

expenditure brief:

Ticket price from Gushan Ferry Pier to Cijin Ferry Pier:
Adult: twd 15/one-way
Student: twd 12/one-way
Discount Ticket (children aged under 12, elderly aged over 65 and people with disability) : twd 8/one-way
Scooter/Motorcycle: twd 20/one-way
Bicycle: free of charge

The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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Drive on your own:
Xinsheng Road (新生路) -> Yugang S. 3rd Rd. (漁港南三路) -> Kaohsiung Harbor Cross-Harbor Tunnel (高雄港過港隧道)-> Cijing Scenic Area (旗津風景區)

By Bus:
Take bus no. 35 from Qianzhen Bus Station (前鎮總站) to Cijing Scenic Area (旗津風景區).

By Kaohsiung KRT:
Take Kaohsiung KRT-Orange Line (高雄捷運橘線) to KRT Sizihwan Station (捷運西子灣站). Walk towards Gushan Ferry Pier (鼓山渡輪站)

By Ferry:
A 10 minute ferry ride from Gushan Ferry Pier (鼓山渡輪站) will take you to Cijing Scenic Area (旗津風景區)