Pingtung County ─ Kenting Baisha Bay (White Sand Bay)
Kenting Baisha Bay (White Sand Bay)-
As a private scenic spot in Kenting, Baisha is famous but not much tourists know how to get there. Still keep the original beach and less-construction due to fewer visitors, water activity gear rentals are also available. Baisha is the only Kenting beach on the west side of the peninsula, about 500 meters long, 40 meters wide, the white beach is formed by shell sand and embraced by the beautiful coral reefs. You can take a walk along the shore, enjoy the view of blue sky and ocean, the calm waves make it the suitable spot for swimming and scuba diving. The longest bike trail in Taiwan starts from Baisha, the trail belongs to the territory of Kenting National Park, without the barrier of architecture, you are able to have a great sight of tropical plants along with your bike tour.

Henchuen Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Drive on your own:
No. 26 Provincial Highway (台26線)-> bound for Hengchun (on Kenting Rd.) -> turn left at 7-Eleven (No. 153 County Road (屏153 縣道) -> Follow the sign that says Maobitou (貓鼻頭)-> Kenting Baisha Bay (白砂(沙)灣)