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Taipei City ─ Youth Park
Youth Park-
Youth (Chinese pronounciation : Chin-nian) Park is one of the oldest large parks in district Wanhua south Taipei City. This park is well equipped with a golf course, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a skating rink and an amphitheater, etc.

Based on its historic background, Youth Park used to be a military training field during the Japanese ruling period. Next, it became a small airport and due to the geographic location they used to name the airport “Southern Airport.” Later the government transformed this area to a park and it was established in 1977.
Since the park is the fourth largest park in Taipei, sometimes large events are held here. It is also a peaceful and quiet park that you will see some elder people come here to exercise and do the Tai Chi, and It is also a big park for family outing such as playing frisbie, badminton or having a picnic. There are few attractions nearby the Youth Park that are Taipei Botanical Garden, Postal Museum, Longshan Temple, and several night markets. It will be a good option to arrange a half day or a day trip to sightseeing around.

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Shuiyuan Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By Bus

*Arrive at Youth Park :12,205,212,223,630,Blue29.
**Qingnian Condominium Community Stop:12,205,212,630,Brown 12,Blue 29.
***Qingnian Rd. Stop:12,205,212,630,Brown 12,Blue 29.
****Zhong Zheng Condominium Community Stop:12,205, 212,630,Brown 12,Blue29.