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Taipei City ─ Xinyi Commercial District
Xinyi Commercial District-
Xinyi Commercial District is the heaviest commercial district in Taipei City. It is the busy business center by day and leisure shopping center by night. During the weekends and holidays, it is also a popular place where events are hold.

Xinyi Commercial District is a distinctive landmark in Taipei. It attracts vendors and restaurants from around the world to station here. Luxurious products and exotic cuisine, Xinyi Commercial District is where you visit for the fancy things.

Xinyi Commercial District covers from Xinyi Rd., Zhongxiao Rd. and Songren Rd. The shopping area includes Bellavita, Taipei 101, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Stores, Viewshow Cinema, ATT 4 FUN, Hankyu Department Stores and Neo 19. The business area includes Taipei 101, Taipei International Trade Center, and Taipei City Hall. The Hyatt and W Hotel chose its location in Xinyi as well. It is in fact the heaviest commercial area in Taipei, and the most expensive place.

The bus transportation station is located near City Hall MRT Station by the Hankyu Department Stores and W Hotel. The bus station provides bus routes for long distance buses.

Taipei 101 is Taiwan's tallest skyscraper with 509 meters tall. Situated in Xinyi District near Taipei City Hall, Taipei 101 was designed by Taiwanese renowned architect Zu-Yuan Li. Taipei 101 has parking lots from B2 to B4, shopping centers from B1 to the 4th floor, banks and financial centers on the 5th floor, business offices from the 6th floor to the 80th floor, VIP Club on the 85th floor, restaurants from the 86th floor to the 88th floor, an indoor viewing area of Taipei City on the 89th floor, and an outdoor viewing area on the 91st floor.

Visiting Xinyi Commercial District
Aside from the shopping and cuisine here, other attractions like Wufenpu, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Discovery Center of Taipei are in the area.
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Underground parking lot available every few blocks.

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