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Taipei City ─ Taipei Main Station
Taipei Main Station-
Taipei Main Station is located in Zhongzheng District. It is the central transportation hub of railway, high speed railway, Taipei MRT and bus station. The station is a 6 story tall building with 4 underground levels. The ground floor is the ticket lobby with 3 exits on every side of the building. The second floor is the food court and restaurant floor now run by Breeze Center. From the third floor to the sixth floor are the administrative office of the railway station and high speed railway station. Gifts shops are located on the B1 underground level along with the entrance to the platforms. B2 is where the platforms for high speed railway and railway. The platform for the MRT is at B3. There is a underground passage which links to the underground shopping district and another food court. It links to Taipei City Mall, Metro A8, and Taipei New World Shopping Center. It’s the central hub of underground shopping district as well.

The station was built in 1887 at Dadaocheng. It was a European style tent like station. The railway only reached to Keelung and Hsinchu at the time. During the Japanese colonial period in 1895, the station was relocated and open in 1901. As time passes, the station gradually could not afford the growing usage. Another construction took place and concrete was used as building material. Another significant remodeling took place in 1980 when the railway decided to underground the routes. Thus become the fourth generation of Taipei Main Station we recognize today.

Taipei Main Station now is the central transportation hub for railway, bus, high speed railway, and MRT. It’s the heaviest and the most important station in Northern Taiwan. It is surrounded by shopping district, restaurants and even the cram schools chose to be near this area. With superb transportation convenient, this area is where many people shops and where vents are held. It should be the most visited place by any travelers foreign or local while traveling in Taipei.
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From Taoyuan International Airport
Take bus to Taipei Main Station

All railway and Taipei MRT will reach Taipei Main Station