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Taipei City ─ Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park
Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park-
Located at the heart of bustling Taipei City center in Zhongzheng District close to Gongguan Night Market, Taipei Water Park and National Taiwan University, the newly opened Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park can simply be visited via Taipei MRT Danshui Red Line to MRT Taipower Building Station.

Etablished at the former site of Taipei City Children’s Museum of Transportation, Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park covers an area about 4.03 hectares comprised of a complete combination of Hakka themed areas include Cross-Dike Platform, Ecosystem Trench, Food Court, Hakka Theatre, Oblation Furnace, Pavilion of Bagon, Rural Experience Zone and Tabacco Building.

The Cross-Dike Platform within the Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park together with bike trails nearby forms a bike-friendly area where visitors may experience biking from the busy city center to immerse oneself in Hakka ambience, and further connected to the Riverside Park through a cross-platform dike that extends to the Danshui River area.

Ecosystem Trench is an environmentally-friendly area with energy conserving plant irrigation channels. A wide collection of plants can be found in this area include Water primrose, Eurasian watermilfoil, Sedge, Wite ginger lily and many other plants that represent Hakka people.

Food Court serves a wide array of Hakka specials to fulfill your taste buds. The Food Court area is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows, where one may sample Hakka cuisines while appreciating the surrounding beauties outside.

The Hakka Theatre is where visitor may enjoy Hakka traditional performances and operas that are mostly performed during banquets and religious ceremonies. Hakka music is composed by 8 major tones include gold, stone, silk, bamboo, gourd, clay, leather and wood that well-integrate with the original Hakka music.

Oblation Furnace, also known as the Holy Monument Pavilion, represents the respect of Hakka people toward scholars and knowledge. Back in the past, each Hakka household keeps a waste-paper basket under the family’s altar to keep the papers that were no more needed. An elder would collect and gather the papers to incinerate at the Oblation Furnace, which has became a symbol of the Hakka people to show their respect towards scholars and knowledge.

Pavilion of Bagon worships the Earth God, also known as Bagon. The Earth God is respected as the most important patron saint in Hakka’s culture. The Pavilion of Bagon was found in small scale using stones or woods.

Rural Experience Zone is where visitors may experience traditional farm and agricultural life of the Hakka people. Star fruits, longan, guava, banana and a number of fruit trees are available here.

Tabacco Building features the old features of tobacco industry to represent the hardworking characteristic of the Hakka people. As tobacco industry fetched a higher price than other crops back in old days, many Hakka families chose to plant tobacco, and tobacco barns became an indentifying marker of the Hakka villages.

Please visit the official web site of Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park for more information.

No.No.2,, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd.,, Zhongzheng Dist.,, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

opening hours:

Opening hours:
Tue.-Mon. 09:00-18:00 (off on Monday)
Contact no. +886-2-2369-1198

available parking areas:

Car Park:
Taipei City Hakka Cultural Center Parking Lot
Tien Education Center Parking Lot
National Taiwan University’s Xinsheng South Road Parking Lot
Taipei Water Park Parking Lot

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Take Taipei MRT Danshui Red Line (捷運淡水線) to MRT Taipower Building Station (捷運台電大樓站). Walk towards Shida Road (師大路) from exit no. 5 of MRT Taipower Building Station to Sec. 3 Tingzhou Road (汀洲路3段).

By Bus:
Take bus no. 253, 671, 673 or Brown 12 to Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park (台北市客家文化中心).

Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> Jianguo Viaduct (建國高架橋) -> Xinhai Road (辛亥路) -> Tingzhou Road (汀洲路) -> Shida Road (師大路) -> U-turn at Shuiyuan Viaduct (水源高架橋) -> Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park (台北市客家文化主題公園)

No. 3 National Highway (國道三號) -> Ankeng Interchange (安坑交流道) -> Shuiyuan Expressway (水源快速道路) -> Shida Road (師大路) -> Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park (台北市客家文化主題公園)