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Taipei City ─ Taipei Astronomical Museum
Taipei Astronomical Museum-
Located in Shilin District, Taipei City, Taipei Astronomical Museum was initially opened in November 1996. Since then, the museum has been providing education and knowledge about the astronomy to millions of visitors. The primary goal of this museum was to strengthen astronomical education and to serve as a bridge between the study of astronomy and society to make it possible for the public to learn more about astronomy. Introducing different points of view and offering a great variety of explanations by demonstrations. The space of the observatory covers an area of 1.8 hectares which is the world's biggest astronomical museum. The museum quickly became a popular location for field study and day trips due to its spacious interior and courtyard design style integrates both leisure and educational functions.

Observatory – Free entrance
There are 5 parts to the museum including the Exhibits Hall, IMAX Theater, 3D Theater, Cosmic Adventure and an Observatory on the rooftop. The observatory is split into 2 domes, 1st dome has a 45-cm Cassegrain reflector with higher resolution power, which is only available for astronomy research and teaching purposes. 2nd dome, which is open to public, has a 20-cm Coude refractor. Visitors can view celestial objects with their own eyes, exploring the space and find out what is really out there in our universe.

Exhibit Hall – Adults TWD 40 , Child TWD 20
The exhibition area covers 3 floors, displaying over 180 models, pictures and descriptions. This is also known as the largest astronomical display in the whole world. With the total area of 6,000 square meters, the exhibition hall is divided into 9 themes such as Ancient Astronomy, Space technology, Solar system, Rainbow corridor, The galaxies, Star area, Cosmology and so on.

IMAX Theater – Adults TWD 100, Child TWD 50
The IMAX Theater locates inside a large, golden, half-spherical building. It has a capacity of 304 with a 25-meter diameter with seats inclined at a 30-degree angle. In addition to the IMAX fisheye-lens projector, the Zeiss planetarium system is installed in the theater. Showing over 8900 stars which awakening the mystery of a starry night. Also films related to Astronomy, space technology and nature sciences are also on show for visitors to enjoy.

3D Theater - Adults TWD 100, Child TWD 50
The 3D theater is located in the basement of the museum. With interior devised with 70mm 3D projectors along with a large screen, the theater has a height of 10 meters and a capacity of 208 seats. Using complicated methods of projection and reflection to create parallax to allow visitors a 3D vision.

Cosmic Adventure – ALL TWD 70
The Cosmic Adventure is the first dark ride system used for educational purposes in any astronomical museum in the world. The ride system is 200m long with 10 minutes of exploration through the cosmos. The ride will allow visitors to experience the cosmos in a 3D live environment with special effects and audio/visual equipments. This unique dark ride will take visitors from Earth through the solar system, the Milky Way, and travel into galaxies far away before returning to Earth again.
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No.36, Jihe Road, Shihlin District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

opening hours:

Opening Hours:
Closed on Monday
Tuesday to Sunday: 8:00am to 17:30pm
Saturday: Open till 21:30pm

expenditure brief:

Over half an hour but less than one hour: TWD30
Over one hour: Additional TWD15 every half an hour

The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

available parking areas:

A large carpark available for tourist coaches. Underground floors 1 and 2 have 239 spaces available for other vehicles (costs are charged)

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By Car:
1. National Highway No.1(國道一號), exit Taipei offramp to Songjiang Rd(松江路) and Minzu East Rd(民族東路), drive along Zhongshan North Rd(中山北路) and turn onto Jihe Rd(基河路) to reach the museum.

1. Take MRT Danshui line(捷運淡水線) to Shilin Station(士林捷運站), walk along Jihe Rd(基河路) to reach the museum.

By Bus:
1. Take bus route 303, 41, 529, 620, red 30(紅30), red 9(紅9) to Shilin District Office Station(士林區行政中心站) to reach the museum.