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Taipei City ─ Maokong
Maokong is a place which is named after its geologic landscape. Due to water impact and dent holes, there are gravels and sands here are formed into unique characteristics of this place. Tie-guan-yin tea is the most famous product derived from its unique geologic landscape.

Maokong is situated at WenShan District of Taipei city, close to many other interesting spots winning a lot of popularity among local people and the tourists in Taiwan. The spots include National Chengchi University, Bitan, Taipei Zoo, and Zhinan Temple Station. Also, MaoKong is near ChingMai River. Many people love to visit MaoKong at nights, because MaoKong suggests a good location for many families and couples to appreciate the beautiful night views of Taipei city. Besides, this place is well developed with tourism agriculture based on the special geology. Tie-guan-yin is very famous tea produced here and has a great reputation all over the country. Also, Maokong is located in the suburban area of Taipei city, people can easily reach there by metro or buses there. Now, people can visit MaoKong by gondola as well. The tourists can appreciate the beauty of this city from the gondola, and get wonderful experiences of visiting here from high.

During these years, Taipei City Government developed touring plans to promote Maokong as a new place where people can spend their leisure time with the families on holidays. Now, MaoKong successfully makes its fame for its tea and touring industry. People not only can go there to enjoy the beauty of natural landscape, but also can get a lot of fun from the ancient culture of tea.


Jhihnan Road, Wunshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By Car:
1. National Highway No.3(國道3號), exit Wanfang offramp(萬芳交流道), drive along Muzha Rd(木柵路), Muxin Rd(木新路), Zhinan Rd(指南路) to National Chengchi University(國立政治大學), drive along Zhinan sect 2 and 3(指南路2~3段) to reach Maokong.

1. Take MRT Muzha line(捷運木柵線) to Wanfang Community Station(萬芳社區站), transfer mini bus route 10(小10) to Maokong directly.

By Bus:
1. Take bus route 236, 237, 282, 611, Zhinan 1(指南一路), Zhinan 2(指南二路), Zhinan 3(指南三路), to National Chengchi University(國立政治大學), transfer mini bus route 10(小10) to Maokong directly.