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Taipei City ─ Lengshuikeng (Cold Water Pit) Hot Spring
Lengshuikeng (Cold Water Pit) Hot Spring-
Located on the east side of Qixingshan (Mt Seven Star), between the Qingtiangang plateau and Menghuan Lake (Dream Lake), Lengshuikeng (Cold Water Pit) was formed by volcanic lava flowing down from the mountain, forming a barrier lake. The lake was eventually drained leaving the landscape we see today; Lengshuikeng contains Taiwan’s sole bed of precipitated sulfur. Hot spring here belong to the neutral carbon type of spring with a pH of around 6.5 and a temperature around 40C. Although it is substantially lower than other hot springs, as long as it’s about 6 degrees above human temperature, it can still be classified as hot spring.

Sulfurous fumes vented in the bed of this marshy lake turn the water milky. After gradually precipitating, the sulfur forms whitish-yellow-pale gray layers in the lake bed. Popularly known as the “Milk Lake” by the locals, in 1992, Yangmingshan National Park office built 2 free hot spring dipping rooms for the public, and since it is located along the way to the beautiful Qixingshan (Mt Sever Star) and the waterfalls, it has gradually become one of the most favorite tourist attractions.
Quality of springs:

Sulfate sodium bicarbonate spring.
Water Qualities : The hot springs in both places are commonly known as white sulfur springs due to their milky color.

expenditure brief:

Free of charge
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> Binjiang Interchange (濱江交流道) -> make a left turn to Dazih Bridge (大直橋) -> Zichiang Tunnel (自強隧道) -> Gugong Road (故宮路) -> make a left turn at Zhishan Rd. (至善路) -> make a right turn at Yangde Blvd. (仰德大道) -> Zhuzihu Rd. (竹子湖路) ->Lengshuikeng Hot Spring (冷水坑溫泉)

No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> Neihu Interchange (內湖交流道) -> make a turn to Expressway (快速道路) -> Sec. 1 Neihu Road (內湖路一段)-> Zichiang Tunnel (自強隧道) -> Gugong Road (故宮路) -> make a left turn at Zhishan Rd. (至善路) -> make a right turn at Yangde Blvd. (仰德大道) -> Zhuzihu Rd. (竹子湖路) ->Lengshuikeng Hot Spring (冷水坑溫泉)

By Taipei MRT (台北捷運):
Take Taipei MRT-Danshui Line (捷運淡水線) to MRT Jiantan Station (捷運劍潭站) -> Minibus no. 15 (小15) to Lengshuikeng Tourist Service Center (冷水坑遊客服務站) -> Lengshuikeng Hot Spring (冷水坑溫泉)