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Taipei City ─ Lengshuikeng Recreation Area
Lengshuikeng Recreation Area-
Lengshuikeng Recreation Area is located in Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei City. The abundant volcanic and hot spring landscape offers unique scenery. It is also know for the high mountain vegetables and plants, where the natural farming is also a beautiful attraction. It is a popular place to visit during the weekends.

The name Lengshuikeng was passed down since the Qing Dynasty. In geography, it meant the plain in the valley of Qixing Mountain, Qigu Mountain, and Gao Mountain. It happens to be in the center of the Datun Volcano area, where the unique volcanic scenery is available for a close examination.

The feature attractions in Lengshuikeng Recreation Area
1. Silk Waterfall
14 meters high waterfall
2. Lengshuikeng Hot Spring
40 degrees Celsius, pH 6-7 natural hot spring
3. Milk Pond
White sulfuric pond
4. Natural Reserve Area
A rare protected plant, Taiwan Quillwort
scenery features:

It was originally a lake. After the lake dried up, the plain remains is the Lengshuikeng.

opening hours:

Tourist Center
Tel: 02-28610036

service facilities:

Tourist Center
Exhibition, office, restroom, observatory, vendor.

available parking areas:

Parking lot

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Take the Taipei MRT to Jiantian MRT Station
Take the bus no. small 15 to Lengshuikeng