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Taipei City ─ Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park
Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park-
Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park is situated by the Tamsui River. The Park consists of a basketball court, skate rink, pavilions, walking paths, etc. It is a place favored by local residents as they exercise and enjoy the beautiful view of this area.

Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park is an environment with wetland, sandbars, and patty-fields by the riverside, which is a perfect dwelling place for the Siberian and Japanese birds’ migration. At the beginning of every September through April of the following year, thousands of birds migrant and dwell between Huajiang Bridge and Zhongxin Bridge which has draw many birdwatchers as well as ornithologists. By the riverbank there is a path facilitated with brief introductions of a variety of species birds that dwell at this area. To promote ecological education, large-scale duck- and goose-watching events are hosted in the park during the migratory-bird season, with guided tours available on weekends/holidays. For those who are not a fan of bird watching, the scenery of this park is romantic and relaxing for you to chill as well.


Lane 246, Guilin Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By Bus :
Take 49, 265, or 601, arrive at Guilin Road or Guiyang Street, and walk to the Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park.

By Car:
From Zhonghua Road, turn right at Guilin Road and arrive at Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park.