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Taipei City ─ Dajia Riverside Park
Dajia Riverside Park-
Dajia Riverside Park covers an area of 420 000 meter squares and accompanies the Keelung River. As one of the landmarks of Taipei city, located in the midst of Taipei. Dajia Riverside Park has become one of the most important facilities in the project to straighten the river and solve the problem of Keelung River overflowing. A large scale of grass field featuring all sorts of sport arenas that stretches across the horizon and make you feel as if you have entered a green point with an amazing water fountain with waterspouts reaching to a height of 75 meters. The magnificent view and sound of water shooting upwards creating beautiful patterns in the sky will pleasure your senses.

The park was oragnized as one of the display area at 2010 Taipei Int’l Flora Exposition. 
Dajia Riverside Park features two flower display areas and one Aquatic Stage.


Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By Bus:
Take bus route 72, 222 exit Dajia Elementary School(大佳國小) or Riverside Park-Dajia Section(河濱公園大佳段).

Xingtian Temple Sta.(行天宮站), transfer bus route 72, 222 to Dajia Elementary School(大佳國小) or Riverside Park-Dajia Section(河濱公園大佳段).