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Taipei City ─ Dahu Park
Dahu Park-
Located in Neihu District of Taipei City, Taiwan, Dahu Park is a mesmerizing Taipei leisure spot that can simply be accessed by Taipei Metro (Taipei Mass Rapid Transit) on Wenhu Line to the MRT Dahu Park Station.

Established in May, 1979, Dahu Park occupies an area about 134,135 square meters with Mt. Bailushi (Mt. Egret) at the back and Egret Lake in the center. The name of the lake derives from the great amounts of egrets that could be found back in the past. Today, a number of waterfowls can still be seen by the lake. 

Dahu Park is designated to be a multifunctional park with diverse manmade and natural features, including Mt. Bailushi (Mt. Egret), Bailushihu (Egret Lake), fishing zone, trails, Chinese style bridges and pavilion, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools making it a nice leisure stop in Taipei City. The top of Mt. Bailushi (Mt. Egret) is a great place for panoramic views over Dahu Park and the surroundings, where it can simply be reached by a 20 minute hike. The Chinese-style bridges and pavilion on Egret Lake are popular spots for wedding photos. Dahu Park is one of the few places in Taipei City, where one may enjoy fishing in the city center. Therefore, one may find a number of people fishing in the park. Surrounded by natural beauties creating picturesque sceneries, Dahu Park is one of the most chosen Taipei spots for wedding photos.

No.No.31,, Sec. 5, Chenggong Rd.,, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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1. Take Taipei MRT-Wenhu Line (台北捷運文湖線) to MRT Dahu Park Station (大湖站).

By Bus:
1. Take bus route Red 2(紅2), 247, 284, 617, 620 or 630 to Dahu Park stop (大湖站).