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Taipei City ─ Dadaocheng Wharf
Dadaocheng Wharf-
Dadaocheng was once the most prosperous area in the 19th century. It was the commercial trade center of tea, cotton, and silk textiles. Dadaocheng Wharf was the most important harbor for transporting goods from Hong Kong and other countries.
After the Tamsui open as the new commercial port, Dadaocheng became the offices of the merchants to manage their products transportation. It was then the most populated area at the time. During the Japanese Colonial period when the railway system was established, no longer the center of the city, Dadaocheng began to fade away from its glory.

The Taipei City Government, hoping to revive Dadaocheng, organized parks and bicycle trails along the river banks. With the buildings in Dadaocheng mostly still aged compared to other part of the city, the experience of biking in the old town is an exclusive feature in Dadaocheng.

Functioning primarily now as a ferry port. Traveling to or from Tamsui by ferries is available during the weekends. Several large events were held in Dadaocheng recently as well, such as fireworks or other any other large outdoor activities.
A bike ride through the old streets of Dadaocheng then along the parks along the river banks, Dadaocheng is slowly returning to its fine moments.
Leon Tsai
scenery features:

Dadaocheng now holds several large events like firework displays. The biking trails along the river banks and through the town is a great chance to experience the old Taiwan.

available parking areas:

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By Car
Highway no.1 Exit on Taipei Interchange (Chongqing N. Rd.)
Proceed Chongqing N. Rd. turn right on Minsheng W. Rd.
Head straight to Water Gate no.5

From Shuanglian Station take the Red 33 bus to Dadaocheng Wharf

By Bus
Bus: Take the No. 9, 206, 274, 641, 669, or 704 bus to Dadaocheng Wharf; or the 255, 518, or 539 bus to the intersection of Minsheng W. Rd. and then follow Minsheng W. Rd. towards the river (about 10 minutes on foot)