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Taipei City ─ Baishihu (White Rock Lake)
Baishihu (White Rock Lake)-
Baishihu means White Rock Lake in Mandarin is located in the mountains of Neihu, Taipei. Around the elevation of 482 meters, White Rock Lake is stationed on the highest peak of southern Wuzhishan Mt. range. With sufficient source of white rocks and stones, this was the main mining site during the Qing Dynasty for the walls of Taipei. White Rock Lake is not a lake. The name came from the unique hollow shape valley; it seems like a lake without water and so the name passed down from the local people. It was once a village of the Ketangalan Tribe. But the tribe vanished nowadays when the young people gradually move to the city.

Rice, tea, fruits and coal was the main productive merchandise in White Rock Lake back in the Qing Dynasty. After the migration of the locals, the farms and mines were abandoned. The government redevelops the local farms and warehouses, helping the locals to transform the deserted into recreational farms. The place is now known for strawberry picking, the closest strawberry picking location from Taipei City during December to May. The Baishihu Suspension Bridge is the first long span suspension bridge in Taipei. It was built by the Taipei City Hall, due to the increasing visitors over the years, in order to soothe the heavy traffic for strawberry picking. The bridge was carefully design to correspond with the local sceneries. A long fixed bridge cutting through the long valley, it is often called the Taipei Sky Walk.

Baishihu (White Rock Lake) is now occupied with recreational farms with additional attraction surroundings like the hiking routes on Baishihu Mt., Darun Mt., and Kaiyen Mt. White Rock Lake has become the backyard of Taipei City, a perfect getaway during the weekends.
Leon Tsai
scenery features:

Baishihu (White Rock Lake) located in the mountains of Neihu, offers recreational farms for strawberry picking. The beautiful valley scenery and the first long span suspension bridge in Taiwan, provides great view to the city and to moutains. It is a perfect getaway during the weekends.

expenditure brief:

For strawberry picking please refer to the price on the spot.
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

available parking areas:

Parking along the Bishan Rd. is prohibited. Please park in the parking lot near Bishanyan.

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By Car
Highway no.1 Exit on Neihu (Chenggong Rd.)
Head for Donghu
Turn left on Jinlong Rd.
Turn right on Neihu Rd.
Look for directions for Bishan Rd.
(Around 25 min drive after exiting highway)

By Public Transportation
Get off at Neihu MRT Station
Walk to Neihu Elementary School
Take the bus no.2 (小2)
Get off at Bishanyan