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Alishan, Kenting & Taitung Welcome Taiwan’s New Year Dawn 2014

Taiwan's New Year Dawn (Photo: Eva P.)
Taiwan's New Year Dawn (Photo: Eva P.)
Welcoming the New Year can be an exciting time, and many people choose to celebrate the New Year by seeing the first sun rise for the year. Just like every other years, Taiwan’s first dawn of New Year 2014 is expected to appear first in the outlying islands– Lanyu (Orchid Island) at 06:33am and Green Island at 06:34am. For visitors that are not planning for an offshore trip, you may also find the magnificent dawn sceneries in various destinations including Sanxiantai of Taitung County (06:35am), Kenting Longpan Park of Pingtung County (06:35am) and Sandiaojiao of New Taipei City. (06:37am). Alishan is another popular sunrise viewing destination; the sunrise is expected to show around 7:05am.

You are strongly recommended to have your trip planned and hotel booked by now as Taiwan hotels are usually fully booked during the New Year celebrations. Taiwan is going to impress you with numerous joyful and special events! Visitors are strongly recommended to make good use of public transportation to avoid the case of heavy traffic congestion.
Taitung Sanxiantai
Taitung Sanxiantai
Alishan is one of the most notable scenic spot among local and foreigner travelers, where you may appreciate the famous sea of clouds and many other breathtaking views such as sunrise and sunset. Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Sisters Ponds, Shouhjen Temple and Alishan Sacred Tree are the main points of interest that give you a memorable travel experience in Taiwan. In addition, the Alishan Forest Railway is also very famous as it is one of the three mountain rails in the world. In order to let more people can witness the first sunlight, the train operations will be increased from 3:20am to sunrise. There will a concert and tap dance performance held in Alishan offers an ultra-romantic musical treat for this touching and exciting moment.

Directions to Alishan:
1. From Chiayi Train Station to Alishan Forest Recreation Area:
Take train to Chiayi Train Station and take Chiayi Bus (Alishan route) to the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. It takes about 2.5 hours from the Train station to get to Alishan Chiayi Bus.

2. From HSR Chiayi Station to Alishan Forest Recreation Area:
Take HSR to HSR Chiayi Station and take BRT to Chiayi Train Station. From there, take Chiayi Bus (Alishan route) to the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. It takes about 2.5 hours from the Train station to get to Alishan. Chiayi Bus.

Sanxiantai (Terrace of the Three Immortals), located about 3 kilometers northeast of Chenggong Town in Taitung County, is one of Taitung’s must-sees. It is a small offshore land composed of volcanic rock landscape that eroded by seawater from headland. Occupying an area of 22 hectares, this Taitung scenic area is scattered by distinctive rock formations such as ditches, potholes, abrasion stacks, notch, and many others forming fascinating topographic sceneries. Also, a 320-meter-long curvy bridge is established for visitors to appreciate the surrounding geographic marvels, as well as the precious ecologies. Also, it is one of Taitung’s best spots for the New Year’s dawn.

Directions to Sanxiantai:
By Bus:
1. Take Dingdong Bus bound for Jingpu from Taitung Train Station to Sanxiantai or Stone Umbrella stop.

2. Take Taichi or Dingdong Bus to Chenggong Town. From there, take Dingdong Bus bound for Changbin or Jingpu to Sanxiantai or Stone Umbrella stop.
Kenting Longpan Park
Kenting Longpan Park
Longpan Park in Kenting, Taiwan, is the other Taiwan destination for seeing the earliest New Year’s dawn at 06:35am. Longpan offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean set along fascinating slumping, steep cliffs, and extensive grasslands make it an ideal spot for sunrise and sunset sceneries as well as stargazing.

Directions to Kenting Longpan Park:
By Bus:
1. From Hengchun: Take Pingtung Bus from Hengchun to Xuiwaku stop.

2. From Taitung: Take GuoGuang Bus bound for Fengang to Fengang. From there, transfer GuoGuang Bus or Kaohsiung Bus-Hengchun route to Kenting.

By Train:
Take train to Kaohsiung Train Station. From there, take GuoGuang Bus, Pingtung Bus or Kaohsiung Bus -Hengchun route to Kenting.

Have your New Year Taiwan hotel bookings made today and get ready to appreciate the magnificent dawn sceneries and enjoy the vivid New Year 2014 celebrations in Taiwan.

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