South Taiwan
As for southern stations, start from THSR Taipei station, Taiwan high speed rail Tainan Station and Zuoying Station are reachable within two hours. The nearby main attractions of the two THSR stations are introduced as following:

THSR Tainan Station

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan, this city develops through Dutch Colonization, the Ming Dynasty Jheng Cheng-gong period, the Cing Dynasty Occupation, and Japanese Colonizatio. As you visit Tainan, the historic spots as Eternal Golden Castle, Confucian Temple, and Fort Provintia (Chih-Kan Lou) are the best places to explore Tainan.

The nearby main attractions of the Taiwan high speed rail Tainan Station are introduced as following:

Eternal Fortress (Yi Tzai Golden Castle)

Traffic Information
Bus: take bus to Tainan Railway Station, take bus No.15, get off at the second section of Yong-Hua Rd., then walk through Yong-Hua Rd. to Guang-Zhou, and follow the sign for 30 minutes to arrive.

The Yi Tzai Golden Castle was originally built to resist the Japanese invasion during the Peony Suffix Event. Designed by a French engineer, the Yi Tzai Golden Castle was the first western style fort established in Taiwan. The building is in the shape of a square and occupied 3 hectares of land. Equipped with British Armstrong Cannons, the Yi Tzai Golden Castle also symbolizes a great leap forward towards the modernization of Taiwanese military defense. Although much of the fort was ruined before its historical importance was recognized, reconstruction and restoration was carried out, and now the Yi Tzai Golden Castle is ranked as a grade 1 historical monument. After the restoration, the original scale of the Yi Tzai Golden Castle can be generally seen. With the arch castle gate and a carpet of what used to be the exercising field, the Yi Tzai Golden Castle is a great spot of historical importance.

Guanziling Hot Spring

Traffic Information
Bus: take bus to Tainan City, then take Xinying bus heading for Xinying or Baihe, transfer to Chaiyi Bus to Guanziling.

Guanziling Hot Spring, Beitou Hot Spring, Yangmingshan Hot Spring, and Sihjhongsi Hot Spring are said to be the 4 major hot springs of Taiwan. Created by the earthquake at Baihe Town, the Guanziling hot spring are located in mud rock formations. Thus, the hot spring water is dark grey with bitter taste, and it also derives the name of “mud hot spring” and “black hot spring”. It is said that the sulfuric properties of Guanziling hot spring have healing qualities for skin, nervous, and joint problems or discomforts. In addition, Guanziling hot spring is regarded as a natural source of beauty treatment because its mud-properties will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Located at the side of the mountain, there are many hot spring resorts, restaurants, and swimming pools available. There is also a unique place to watch scenery where the natural gas co-exists with the spring water. When fire makes contact, a peculiar sight of fire and water is created.

THSR Zuoying Station

The nearby main attractions of the Taiwan high speed rail Zuoying Station are introduced as following:

Sizih Bay

Traffic Information

Bus: take bus to Kaohsiung Railway Station; take bus No.248 to Sizih Bay.

Sizih Bay, a small west bay, is located on the west of Kaohsiung City. Situated between Wanshou Shan and Chichin Island, Sizih Bay is a sandy beach with beautiful coral formations on the coastlines, offering magnificent views of the nature.
The most famous feature of Sizih Bay is its swimming beach. In the summer, the swimming beach is full of activities where sunbathers and volleyball players saturate the area. The beach is also known for its glistening blue water, gorgeous sunset, and natural coral reefs. As the coconut trees shuffle in the light ocean breeze and the white beach sand tickle the toes of beach-lovers, a tropical paradise is created at Sizih Bay. When the night approaches, the sunset appears. The sunset at Sizih Bay is acknowledged as one of the eight famous scenes of Kaohsiung. The beautiful glow of sunset extends into the water and sky where couples may enjoy romantic walks accompanied by the soothing sounds of the thrashing waves.

Cijin Scenic Area

Traffic Information

Bus: take bus to Kaohsiung Railway Station, then take No.2 or No. 36, get off at Cianjien.

The Cijin Peninsula is a sandy islet located west of Kaohsiung port. It is about 11 km long from north to south, and 20 sq feet wide. On the island, there are several attractions such as the Thienhou Temple, Chihou Shan, Cijin Lighthouse, Cijin Beach and some historical sites. The tri-saws are extremely popular here among tourists. The newly constructed tunnel connecting the island to the mainland Kaohsiung has added another attraction to Cijin Scenic Area.
Erected on the northern part of the Cijin Island, the Cijin Lighthouse was built in 1883 by British engineers as a military outpost during the confrontation with France. There is a military base in the back of the lighthouse, and is inaccessible to commoners. However, visitors can appreciate an unobstructed view of the lighthouse from the Sizih Bay across the sea.

Love River

Traffic Information
Bus: take bus to Kaohsiung Railway Station, and then take No.2/56/60/248 to Love River.

The Love River flows 8 miles through Kaohsiung of southern Taiwan. With its cultural significance to the Taiwanese and its beautiful river sceneries, Love River is an important tourism spot in Taiwan. Love River was originally heavily polluted with bad odors. Due to recent efforts of eliminating its pollution and smell, Love River has now restored its beauty, and has become a popular tourist attraction. Over the years, coffee shops and restaurants established along the riverside; tourists can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the scenery of Love River.
At night, the Love River's decorating lights and lights from the city structures reflect upon the calm river. With pillars and chains to ensure safety, many pairs of lovers like to take strolls along the riverside in romantic atmosphere. Sightseeing boats are also available at Love River during the nighttime.
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