HSR Taipei Station

Taiwan High Speed Rail Taipei Station shares the station with Taiwan Railway Administration and links the railway through Taiwan. Located in Taipei City, Taiwan High Speed Rail Taipei Station provides well-connection of main traffic network and the a...


HSR Banciao Station

Located in Banciao New Taipei City (Taipei County), The Taiwan High Speed Rail Banciao Station shares station with two other metro systems: Railway and MRT. Passengers can conveniently transfer from one metro system to another, buses are also just in...


HSR Taoyuan Station

The building of Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station is two stories tall and has an underground floor. Its architecture design is a fusion of Chinese lanterns and glass walls, which creates a traditional atmosphere. There are shuttle buses to many ...


HSR Hsinchu Station

HSR Hsinchu Station is an elevated station with outstanding design which won the Award of Taiwan Architecture 2006. The design of THSR Hsinchu Station is with the concept of traditional Hakka buildings; wafer and semi-conductor shows the charact...


HSR Miaoli Station

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