North Taiwan
As for north Thsr stations, start from Taipei station, Banciao station, Taoyuan station, Hsinchu station are reachable within 30 minutes. The nearby main attractions of the four Taiwan high speed rail stations are introduced as following.
THSR Taipei station and THSR Banciao station
Taiwan high speed rail Taipei station is located in downtown Taipei city, and Banciao station is located in Taipei County. The nearby main attractions of the 2 stations are introduced as following:
Taipei 101
Traffic Information
Bus: from Taipei Main Station to Taipei City Hall, Taipei World Center, Xinyi Administrative Center or Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel.
MRT: Bannan Line, from Taipei Main Station and get off at Taipei City Hall Station. Take bus to Taipei 101 at No.2 Exit.
Taipei 101 is 509 meters tall and is the tallest skyscraper in Asia. Situated in Xinyi District near Taipei City Hall, Taipei 101 was designed by Taiwanese renowned architect Zu-Yuan Li. Taipei 101 is the landmark in Taipei City and was designed based on the Chinese lucky number 8. Comprising 101 floors, Taipei 101 has the world’s fastest elevators that can travel 9 floors in just 37 seconds (nearly 64.4km per hour).
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Danshui Town
Traffic Information
MRT: Danshui Line from Taipei Main Station to Danshui Station (the terminal stop.)
Taipei County, just on the opposite of Bali Village, Danshui is a prosperous town with both ocean and mountain scenery. Danshui is at the terminal station of MRT Danshui line where you can find street performers. Due to its ideal location, Danshui became a popular leisure spot for families and couples during holidays in Taipei County. Danshui is also a favorite place to watch the sunset in Taipei. Situated along with Danshui River, this wonderful town features a busy street that is full of traditional shops and souvenir stores. At Danshui, you will find a variety of Taiwanese restaurants and food stands while strolling from store to store.
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Shilin Night Market
Traffic Information
Bus: No.61,203,216,220,224,250,260,277,279,280,285,287,290,304,310,508,606,633,
Get off at MRT Jiantian Stop or Siaobei St. Stop.
MRT: Danshui Line from Taipei Main Station to Jiantian Station.
For a long time, Taiwanese people of all ages enjoy a variety of entertainments in night markets, including shopping, eating food of local flavor, and playing carnival games. Located in >Taipei City, Shilin Night Market is one of the well-organized and most popular night markets that tourists, especially Japanese travelers, will visit over and over again. At Shilin Night Market, visitors are able to enjoy a wide range of local food, including smelly tofu, dumplings, oyster silk noodles, bubble tea, teppanyaki, fried chicken, and many more. A lot of the vendor foods from Shilin Night Market are famous for their local flavors and are only available at the Shilin Night Market. Also, visitors can shop from store to store and have a large selection of clothes and accessories that they can bargain for reasonable prices.
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National Palace Museum
Traffic Information
Bus: 255,304, mini bus 19, culture bus 101. Get off at Museum Plaza Stop.
MRT: Take Danshui Line; get off at Shilin Station and take bus Red 30 to the Museum.
The National Palace Museum was established in 1925 and was expanded and remodeled in 1965 in Taipei. It displays the world's greatest and rarest collection of traditional Chinese art crafts and historical documents. These priceless treasures include ancient Chinese paintings, archeological remains of bronze weapons, ceramics, jade, sculptures, books and other antiques. With more than 700,000 items on display, many of which once belong in Beijing's Forbidden City, the National Palace Museum truly reflects the rich cultural heritage of Chinese civilization and ancient Chinese culture.
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Xingtian Temple
Traffic Information
Bus: Take 225,285,49,527,617,63,642,676,685,109,203,214,222,26,277,279,41,572,red 29,red 31,red 32; get off at Minquan-Songjiang Intersection stop.
MRT: Bannan Line Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station, take 109, 214, 222, 280, 624, 643, 72 to Minquan-Songjiang Intersection stop.
Xingtian Temple takes up more than 7,000 square meters of land. Xingtian Temple is one of the most popular temples in Taiwan and it mainly advocates for the Confucian and Buddhist belief of building a harmonious society. Due to its popularity, Xingtian Temple is almost always full of faithful worshippers. Xingtian Temple is a place for believers to worship; outside the temple, there is an abundance of fortune telling stands that distinguishes Xingtian Temple from other temples.
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Traffic Information
Bus: No.825 (in front of Rueifang Railway Station.)
Keelung Bus from MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station/Keelung Railway Staton to Kingguashin.
Chiufen village used to be the center of gold mining. This small village is located within hills; next to the mountains and facing the ocean. Due to its special location, Chiufen village is well known for its foggy weather condition that creates a romantic atmosphere. Today, Chiufen features an old street that is full of local snack vendors and special accessory stores. In addition, Chinese teahouses in this area are also very popular for both local and foreign tourists. Another feature here is the Gold Ecological Museum. The museum presents the history of mining gold and the physical characteristic of gold. The museum also features mining tunneling experience, environmental education, and an ecological park. Nearby attractions of the museum include Benshan Fifth Tunnel, Crown Prince Chalet, Geology Park, Gold Temple, Mount Teapot, POW Camp, and Gold Waterfall.
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THSR Taoyuan station
The nearby main attraction of the Taiwan high speed rail Taoyuan station is introduced as following:
Taoyuan International Airport
Traffic Information
Bus: take UBus to terminal 1 & 2
As an international airport, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (also called Chiang Kai-shek International Airport) is located in Taoyuan County. With regular international flights, Taoyuan International Airport is the busiest international air entry point of three Taiwan airports and the home base for China Airlines and EVA Air. There are two airports serving northern Taiwan, one is Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, the hub for international flights, and Taipei Songshan domestic Airport. 
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THSR Hsinchu station
The nearby main attractions of the Taiwan high speed rail Hsinchu station are introduced as the following:
Neiwan Old Street
Traffic Information
Bus: from Hsinchu Railway Station, take Hsinchu Bus Jhudong Line, Cyonglin Line, Jhushan Line to Jhudong stop and transfer to Neiwan Line, Nanlou Line, Meihua Line to Neiwan stop.
Railway: from Hsinchu Railway Station Neiwan Line to Jhudong Station, transfer to Neiwan Line, Nanlou Line, Meihua Line to Neiwan stop.
Located in Hengshan Township in Hsinchu County, Neiwan is a community surrounded by hills and waters, with mostly Hakka peoples gathering and living in this lovely town. Neiwan Old Street is lined with traditional wooden architectures and stores. Stroll along this street, visitors will be embraced with reminiscent atmosphere, as well as a gourmet feast, including ginger lily-flavored glutinous rice, Hakka tea, Hakka rice cakes (muachi), etc. On the old street, there is Neiwan Theater; around this area there are Neiwan train station and suspension bridges.
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Hsinchu City God Temple
Traffic Information
Bus: take Hsinchu Bus to Hsinchu Railway Station, then take bus No.11, 11A, 21, and get off at City God Temple stop.
There is a series of local food stalls and eateries in front of the Hsinchu City God Temple. When a local Hsinchu citizen is inquired about where someone can find local Hsinchu food, the answer is often right outside of the Hsinchu City God Temple. The famous Hsinchu specialty foods include Hsinchu rice noodles, Hsinchu meatballs, and Hsinchu meat pocket. All of these famous dishes can be found right at these food stalls outside of City God Temple. In addition, there are also a variety of other Taiwanese snacks such as oyster omelets and braised pork rice. The most famous place to enjoy Hsinchu snacks is right outside of City God Temple.
Hsinchu Science Park
Traffic Information
Bus: take bus No. 1, 1-A, 30, 31, and get off at Hsinchu Science Park.
Taxi: about 10 minute drive from Hsinchu station.
Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), located in Hsinchu City, is one the successful science parks around the world. HSP, established in 1980, is meant to be one of the most important and successful infrastructures in Taiwan. At that time, the Taiwanese government invested US$1,679 million on the park. Meanwhile, a total of 384 high-tech companies moved into this park and started their research as well as business.
THSR Miaoli station

The nearby main attraction of the Taiwan high speed rail Miaoli station is introduced as following:

Mingde Reservoir

Traffic Information
Bus: Take Miaoli Bus bound for Toufen from Miaoli Railway Station, get off at Mingde stop.

Mingde Reservoir was first designated a water reserve area and prohibited from public entry in order to ensure the quality of water. The reservoir had redefined recently with installations and establishments of leisure features, where it is now comprised of a large park with two hanging bridges connecting Rihxin Island in the middle of the lake with a café on the island. The café on Rihxin Island allows visitors to savor an extraordinary culinary experience in the middle of the lake surrounded by fabulous lake sceneries.
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