Shanghai Wild Animal Park
Shanghai Wild Animal Park-main gate
After half a century of development the Shanghai Zoo has become one of the best ecological gardens and it makes for a good day out with kids in town in Shanghai. The zoo houses and exhibits more than 6,000 animals, among which are 600 rare animals that include the giant panda, golden-haired monkey, and the South China Tiger. All of these animals are indigenous to China. Animals from other parts of the world include the gorillas, chimpanzee, camels, giraffe, lions, polar bear and kangaroo. The zoo is constantly developing and improving the animal enclosures in order to provide better environments for the animals and a pleasurable experience for visitors.

The Shanghai Zoo provides areas for leisure and amusement, opportunities for visitors to increase their knowledge of the various animals and combines this with technical and scientific research to help people better understand and protect animals. Since the zoo was established it has been host to over a hundred millions of visitors. The original golf course design has been basically preserved. There are a total of 100,000 trees with nearly 600 species planted in the zoo. The green areas or lawns cover an area of 100,000 square meters. The zoo endeavors to create an ecologically friendly environment for the animals. The “Swan Lake” with its natural reed clumps and trees providing shade for pelicans, wild geese and other birds, are a perfect example of this.

To enjoy one of the cities most picturesque and well tended acreages of green grass. Picnic-goers dive onto the lawns for a spot of sun, while electric tour buggies whirr along shaded paths through old-growth woods every 10 to 15 minutes. Kids can shower chubby piglets and billy goats with handfuls of grain, fish for goldfish or ride ponies. A big old creaking wheel revolves above the whole zoo, itself navigable on foot with a map from the information center at the entrance or by following the signs. The elephant show will have adults cringing, and kids will adore handing out sticks of sugar cane to be scooped up by inquisitive trunks. The aim of the Shanghai Zoo is to have visitors leave with a better understanding of and appreciation for the animals and their environments.
Benson W.
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