Shanghai Stadium
Shanghai Stadium-Shanghai Stadium
Shanghai Stadium is located in Xujiahui district of Shanghai. With a spacious area of 170 thousand square meters and a capacity of about 80,000 people, Shanghai Stadium is currently the second-largest in scale stadium with the most advanced facilities in China. Also known as Shanghai 80,000 People's Stadium, it has become a major stadium and a city landmark in Shanghai. The saddled-shape exterior and well-equipped facilities help make Shanghai Stadium reputed as Shanghai's best sports architecture in 1998. At Shanghai Stadium, a great number of sports events, concerts, exhibitions or fairs are held from time to time, bringing many local citizens or foreign visitors. Also around Shanghai Stadium are some restaurants, bars, boxing pubs, and convenience stores. At door no.12, along ramp no. 5 of Shanghai Stadium situated Shanghai Travelling Bus Center, which offers many package tour and touring buses in suburban and downtown Shanghai. For tourists' enriched and diverse experience of Shanghai travel, just come to Shanghai Travelling Bus Center. To reach Shanghai Stadium, tourists can take Shanghai Metro Line no.1 and get off at Shanghai Stadium Station. For the convenience of your Shanghai travel in China, below is a selection of nearby Shanghai hotels. For more sightseeing attractions in Shanghai, please visit our Shanghai Tourism website for a map to guide your China tour and to find your ideal China hotel.
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Transportation: Subway line 1 to shanghai stadium.