Qibao Ancient Town
Qibao Ancient Town-
Approximately 18 kilometers from downtown Shanghai is the only ancient Chinese town in Shanghai, the Qibao Ancient Town. This old town is 2 square kilometers in size and is crossed by two strips of water. Surrounding the water is a variety of well preserved ancient Chinese houses, shops, and restaurants. Qibao means "Seven Treasures" in Chinese and the town got its name from a legend that referred to seven treasures in this area. Qibao Ancient Town, with a history of more than 1000 years, is one of the most important historical sites in Shanghai.

This old town started development in the Song dynasty of China and was at its best in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The stone roads and long narrow lanes that are worn over time at Qibao Ancient Town date all the way back to the Song Dynasty while the traditional Chinese architectural specialties, such as pavilions, terraces, and towers came from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

At the heart of Qibao Ancient Town is an old street that is said to best resemble the streets of old Shanghai. This old street is divided into two smaller segments. The western segment consists of ancient shops that sell traditional handicrafts and calligraphy and has ancient Chinese Shadow Play theaters. In the southern segment you will find a variety of traditional restaurants that serve various authentic Chinese snacks and dishes.

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