Dakeshan Forest Recreation Area

Dakeshan Forest Recreation Area is in a valley located at Miaoli County. This private-owned resort is blessed with rich natural scenery. The Dakeshan (Dake Mountain) is at altitude 1236 meters. Due to its high altitude, you will find the variety species of exotic looking tree in the area, and you will also find the ancient giant cypress here.
After the 921 earthquake, they discovered a cold spring inside the recreation area. Nowadays, it is open to the public for the tourist to enjoy the cold spring. There is a two-storey building provides lodging on the second floor and fresh seafood on the first floor restaurant. From here, visitors can visit the nearby Mt Dake Sacred Wood, Mysterious Cave, and the Mt Dake peak.

opening hours:

Dakeshan Forest Recreation Area
Tel: 04-25921337


By Car
National Highway 1-> exit Feng Yuan interchange->Provincial Highway 3-> Jhuolan-> follow the road sign along the industrial road for about 2.9 km to the resort.

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