Love River Bike Path





Love River is one of the must-see attractions in Kaohsiung. Biking from here, visitors will be able to experience local community lifestyles, the existing ecosystem, and of course the beautiful sceneries and atmosphere by the river. The north side of the trail connects to Lianchihtan (Lotus Pond), and the south side connects to Love River. The path is well-planned into five routes. You may choose any one to start with your romantic bike ride here by the Love River.

Main Route:
Love River→ East Coast View Facility→ Sanmin Park No.1→River Side Park→ Smile Park→ Lotus Pond

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Take bus or Kaohsiung KRT (高雄捷運) to the nearest point of Love River Bike Path (愛河自行車道) such as Jianguo Road (建國路), Zhongzhen Road (中正路), Minsheng Road (民生路), Qixian Road (七賢路), or Wufu Road (五福路), and rent a bike at the bike rental shops.

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