LinYa Night Market (Kaohsiung ZiQiang Night Market)







The LinYa Night Market, also known as Kaohsiung Ziqiang Night Market by the locals, is a must visit night market when the night falls. A collection of food stalls on the intersection of LinYa Street and ZiQiang Road, LinYa Night Market vendors offers delicious dish at low cost. Unlike the renowned Liouhe Night Market which is now a heavy tourist night market and the price went above usual night markets, LinYa Night Market is the replacement of where the locals go now.

To the locals, they choose LinYa Night Market over Liouhe Tourist Night Market, maybe the price or the crowd, but definitely not because of the food. LinYa night Market provides snacks just as delicious as the locals needed. From the fried, barbecue, braised snacks to cold or hot Chinese desserts, the night market is where the locals feed their appetite. Regular stalls, restaurants and shops, LinYa Night Market is actually pretty clean for a night market. Some worth mentioning snacks are the Chinese white sugar cake which tastes sort of like fried mochi. Fish soup and Chinese meat ball are also some of the popular food here at the night market for years. Since LinYa Night Market is sort of replacing Liouhe Tourist Night Market to the locals, LinYa Night Market focus more on the food and very little on shopping or games. But it’s definitely a great place to hang out if you are looking for good food at a lower cost.
Leon Tsai

scenery features:

LinYa Night Market is a night market where the locals go for delicious food. Rich in both traditional and exotic dish, all tasty and cheap, LinYa Night Market is attracting more and more people.

recommended stay time:


night market food:

Chinese white sugar cake, fish soup, Chinese meat balls

opening hours:

Open all week


By Car
Take Highway no.1 exit on Kaosiung Zhongzhen Road Interchange
Turn left onto FuRen Road
Turn right on SiWei Road
Proceed to SiWei 4th Road
Turn right on ZiQiang Road

By Public Transportation
Take KRT
Get off at Central Park Station (exit2)
Or Sanduo Shopping District Station (exit 7)
Walk 15 min to night market

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