Jiji Bike Trail





The Green Jiji Bike Path is a long and challenging bike path to start from Jiji Train Station to the Green Tunnel. It takes about thirty minutes with hill slopes along the way. This adventurous path is recommended for visitors who are seeking for challenges and excitements.
For tourists and families, the most popular bike path in Jiji is the Green tunnel. The tunnel has a total distance of 4.5 kilometers. The Green Tunnel consists of about 1000 Cinnamomum Camphora trees planted by the civilians in 1933. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful tunnel and refreshed by breathing phytoncide. Since resting areas are also available, visitors may take a rest there and take some beautiful photographs.

Main Route:
Jiji Train Station→ Green Tunnel

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By Car :
1. National number 1 highway(國道1號), exit Zhongching offramp(中清交流道), drive along Tai 14 route(台14), Tai 16 route(台16) to Chi Chi(集集).

By Bus :
1. Take bus from Taichung(台中) to Shueili(水里) and Chi Chi(集集) directly.

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