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Cingsio Temple

/ 陳皮梅

Cingsio Temple is one of the few well preserved Japanese style temple. It is located in Jian Town, Hualien. Jian Township was the main immigration spot for the Japanese back in the colonial period. In 1917 the Japanese built a religion center which became the Cingsio Temple as we know. It is facilitated with a medical office, a lecture classroom, and a funeral service center. At the time, the architect style adopted the traditional design of Japanese shrines. The temple is framed by corridors and bushes of wild flowers, enclosing the tranquility of the religious environment.

After the colonial period, the temple was then passed down to local residents who transferred it into a Sakyamuni worship temple. The 88 intact statues of gods within the Cingsio Temple represent a history that cannot be replaced. It is graded a third degree historical monument, and regarded as one of the most-visited tourist attraction by the Japanese in Hualien.
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opening hours:

Close on Mondays
Tel: 03-8529905

expenditure brief:

Regular TWD30
Half TWD15
Group TWD15

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