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After the impact of Typhoon Matmo, still high possibilities of landslide in Tongmen Mt. and hence temporarily transportation difficulties is at hand. Contact before visiting is advised. 2014.07.26

Mukumugi is located in Tongmen, Hualien. Deep in the mountains where the environment untouched by the modern, lies the natural beauty of Taiwan. Streams in green running over marbles in white, this ancient forest preserved best of the primitive habitat. The place is so beautiful the aboriginal tribe first set foot on this soil was never able to leave. The first family, the Mukumugi, started their lives here and so the family name gradually became the name of this beautiful valley. Mukumugi was abundant with copper minerals and happened to be in a great position of transportation. Thus it was given the official name Tongmen, as in Mandarin for Copper Gate due to the sufficient resource of copper and location. But the lovely native name, Mukumugi, was still more popular than the official name.

The fishing industry once nearly sabotaged the natural habitat. Fishing was restricted by the officials for a while. After establishing Mukumugi Ecological Corridor, the restrictions were lifted and tourists were to visit this incredible native paradise once again. Tourist Center was remodeled from the old Japanese police station, provides tourist information and guide tours. A bicycle stop called Tongmen Iron House Station was built to promote ecological friendly usage of bicycles. The local shops and store are packed with copper made souvenirs. With a mountain filled with clear streams, hiking routes and bridges, Mukumugi offers cool refreshing natural experience.

Since 2007 the daily capacity of tourists entering the mountains is limited, 300 max in the mornings and 300 more in the afternoon. Applying at the Tongmen Police Station for entrance pass is needed. Make sure you apply least 7 days to 30 days in advance online and queue for the entrance pass before you head out for Mukumugi.

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opening hours:

Entrance Application Hour 07:30-16:00
Entering Hour 07:30, 12:00
Please leave before 18:00

service facilities:

Mukumugi Tourist Center
Contact Number (038)642157

Tongmen Police Station
Contact Number (03)864-1051

Tongmen Check Point
Contact Number (03)864-1845

expenditure brief:

No fee is charged for applying Entrance Pass


By Car
From Hualien City
Take the Provincial Highway no.9丙
Reach the tourist center at Renshou Bridge

From Taitung
Take the Provincial Highway no.9丙
Reach the tourist center after passing Renshou Bridge

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