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Feitsuei (Jade) Valley

Hualien Attractions

Feitsuei (Jade) Valley

/ 晏伶

Feitsuei meaning Jade in Chinese, suggested a little what the valley resembles. Feitsuei Valley follows the curving flows of Mugua River in the town of Shoulin. The Feitsuei Valley possesses a history of more than 200 years; its pathway was of major transportation importance for the Taroko villagers during the early times.

Along the way the scenic views are surprisingly beautiful; a tourist attraction filled with tons of historical meanings.
The Huailen County Government has been undergoing good quality agricultural implementation, especially in 2004 when the protection and conservation of the ecosystems was a huge success.

Under co-operations with many local residents, prohibition of fish-poisoning and electrifying and extra TLC for the river creatures, Feitsuei Valley and its natural environment was fortunately saved from immoral artificial damage. The fresh air, the lush greenery, the fresh water, and the cheerful wildlife make the valley a wonderful getaway.
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Public Commute :
By Bus :
On Zhongshan Road, take the Hualien Express Bus towards Tongmen and alight at its station. Then follow the signs to walk to the destination.

By Own Car :
From Taidong City take the no.9 Provincial ROute. Then turn into Tongmen Village before Renshou Bridge. Then from north of Tongmen Bridge follow the path along Mugua RIver and you shall destinate.

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