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Route Stops Departure Time Tickets
Taroko Route ●Hualien Station(臺鐵花蓮站) to Tianxiang(天祥): Hualien Station(臺鐵花蓮站)→Qixingtan(七星潭)→Xincheng Station(臺鐵新城站)→Taroko(太魯閣)→Taroko Visitor Center(太魯閣遊客中心)→Shakadang Trail(砂卡礑)→Buluowan(布洛灣)→Yanzikou(燕子口)→Lushui(綠水)→Tianxiang(天祥)
●Tianxiang(天祥) to Hualien Station(臺鐵花蓮站): Tianxiang(天祥)→Lushui(綠水)→Yanzikou(燕子口)→Changchun Shrine(長春祠步道)→Taroko Visitor Center(太魯閣遊客中心)→Taroko(太魯閣)→Xincheng Station(臺鐵新城站) →Qixingtan(七星潭)→Hualien Station(臺鐵花蓮站)
●Hualien Station-Tianxiang 07:00-15:00
●Tianxiang-Hualien Station 08:40-17:00
Travel time: about 1 hour and 15 minutes
1.Fare by meter, TWD 151 /one way
2.One-day Pass TWD 250 (Unlimited rides on the same day)
3.Two-day pass TWD 400 (Unlimited rides for two consecutive days)
Hualien Route ●Hualien Tourism Center(花蓮旅遊服務中心站) to Danongdafu Forest Park(大農大富平地森林園區):
Hualien Tourism Center(花蓮旅遊服務中心站)→Liyu Lake Visitor Center(鯉魚潭潭北遊客中心)→South Liyu Lake Recreation Area(鯉魚潭潭南遊憩區)→Lichuan Aquafarm(立川漁場)→Shoufeng Station(臺鐵壽豐站)→Shin Kong Chao Feng Leisure Farm(新光兆豐休閒農場)→Fenglin Station(臺鐵鳳林站)→Lintian Mountain Forestry Center(林田山林業文化園區)→Guangfu Station(臺鐵光復站)→Hualien Sugar Factory(花蓮觀光糖廠)→Danongdafu Forest Park(大農大富平地森林園區)

Danongdafu Forest Park(大農大富平地森林園區) to Hualien Tourism Center(花蓮旅遊服務中心站): Danongdafu Forest Park(大農大富平地森林園區)→Hualien Sugar Factory(花蓮觀光糖廠)→Guangfu Station(臺鐵光復站)→Lintian Mountain Forestry Center(林田山林業文化園區)→Fenglin Station(臺鐵鳳林站)→Shin Kong Chao Feng Leisure Farm(新光兆豐休閒農場)→Shoufeng Station(臺鐵壽豐站)→Lichuan Aquafarm(立川漁場)→South Liyu Lake Recreation Area(鯉魚潭潭南遊憩區)→Liyu Lake Visitor Center(鯉魚潭潭北遊客中心站)→Hualien Railway Station(臺鐵花蓮站)
●Hualien Tourism Center -Danongdafu Forest Park 08:30-15:30
●Danongdafu Forest Park-Hualien Railway Station 10:40-17:40
Travel time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes
Fare by meter, TWD 223 / one way-Departure
TWD 222 / one way-Return
Public Transportation
Route content
Get to Hualien 1、Railways: It takes about a 3-hour train ride from Taipei to Hualien. For more information on train schedule and ticketing, please visit the official site of Taiwan Railways.
2、Bus & Railway: Take bus from Taipei to Luodong, Yilan, and then take railway to Hualien.
3、Airline: There are flights depart from Taipei Songshan Airport, Taichung Airport (Chingchuankang Airport), and Kaohsiung International Airport to Hulien Airport daily.
◎For more Hualien Airport flights information, please refer to Flight Schedules of Hualien Airport.
Hualien Downtown 1、Hualien Bus- Service hours 06:00-23:30, Tel: +886-3-8338146
For Bus timetable, ticketing and more information, please refer to Hualien Bus.
2、Dingdong Bus coast line- Tel: +886-89-333443
For Bus timetable, ticketing and more information, please refer to Dingdong Bus.
Vehicle Rental
Transportation content
Car Usually a 5-seater costs about TWD1,000 to TWD3,000 per day, a 8-seater costs about TWD3,700 to TWD5,000 per day. Please contact the car rental company for the quotation. Here are some car rental companies near Hualien Railway Station (front station):
HOTAI Leasing Corporation Hualien Branch: +886-3-8315500. No.69, Guolian 1st Rd., Hualien City
Carplus Auto Leasing Co. Hualien Branch: +886-3-8316688. No.117, Guolian 1st Rd., Hualien City
Pony Leasing & Rental Hualien Branch: +886-3- 8354888. No.21, Guolian 4th Rd., Hualien City
IWS Rent-A-Car Hualien Branch: + 886-3-8338811. No.138-1, Guolian 1st Rd., Hualien City
Scooter You can rent a motorcycle in both front and rear Hualien station. Usually, a 125cc motorcycle costs about TWD250 to TWD500 per day, the price may be adjusted according to the season.
Bike Rental
Bike Trail Bike Rental Spots
Hualien City
Hualien Haibin Bike Trail
Giant Bicycles Hualien
Address: No.35, Guoxing 1st St., Hualien City, Hualien County (near Hualien Railway Station)
Tel: +886-3-8336761
Xincheng Township
Giant Bicycles Hualien Qixingtan
Address: No.32, Qixing St., Xincheng Township, Hualien County
Tel: +886-3-8220741
Ji’an Township
Cingsio Temple (慶修院)
793 Bicycle (騎腳酸休閒鐵馬租賃站)
Address: in front of Cingsio Temple
Tel: 0933-537793
Zong Cheng Bicycle (宗承車行)
Address: No.160, Sec. 1, Jianguo Rd., Ji’an Township, Hualien County
Tel: +886-3-8599148
Shoufeng Township
Liyu Lake Bike Path
Giant Bicycles Hualien Liyutan
Address: No.27, Sec. 1, Chinan Rd., Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
Tel: +886-3-8641892
Fenglin Township
Fenglin Bike Trail
Star Barber Shop (明星理髮店)
Address: No.66, Zhongmei Rd., Fenglin Township, Hualien County
Tel: +886-3-8761605
Guangfu Township
Guangfu Bikeway
Matai'an Bike Trail
SongMeng Car Rental (松錳租車) -Hualien Guangfu Sugar Factory
Address: No.19, Tangchang St., Guangfu Township, Hualien County
Tel: +886-3-8706698
Ruisui Township
Ruisui Bikeway
JJ Valley Farm
Address: in front of Ruisui Railway Station
Tel: +886-3-8875979
Ruiyu Rafting (瑞育泛舟公司)
Address: No.13, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd., Ruisui Township, Hualien County
Tel: +886-3-8873327
Yuli Township
Fuli Township
Yihong Rental Center(Giant) (義宏車行)
Address: No.47, Heping Rd., Yuli Township, Hualien County (near Yuli Railway Station)
Tel: +886-3-8885669
Hecheng Bicycle(Merida) (和城車行)
Address: No.63, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Yuli Township, Hualien County (near Yuli Railway Station)
Tel: +886-3-8882133
Fuli Township
Luoshan Bikeway
Wufang Bicycle(Giant) (五方車行)
Address: No.116, Yong’an St., Fuli Township, Hualien County (near Fuli Railway Station)
Note: The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.