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Pacific Landscape Park

Hualien Attractions

Pacific Landscape Park

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The Hualien Pacific Landscape Park is located along the coastline of downtown Hualien City near Dongdamen Tourist Night Market. The park is the combination of the former Nanbin Park and Beibin Park, offering area for extreme sports and volleyball court for free, as well as the largest 3D painting in Taiwan. With the excellent location, the park is perfect for enjoying coastal and mountain views.

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From Hualien Railway Station:
Guolian 3rd Rd. → Guolian 5th Rd. → Ln. 467, Linsen Rd. → Nanbin Rd.
It's about a 15-minute drive.

Bus: no.1123, 1131, 1139, 1121, 1140, 1145

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