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Hotels nearby Taiwan Hot Springs

Jiaoxi Hot Spring Tour- Yilan, Eastern Taiwan

Jiaoxi Hot Spring is one of rare hot springs in Taiwan due to its source from the flatland. Its carbonated spring water is clear, odorless, tasteless, and full of abundant minerals. The water is believed to have beauty effects on the skin, so it has became a popular spot for hot spring. Moreover, Jiaoxi features rich mineral vegetable crops and delicious cuisines. Since its spring water contains abundant minerals, local farmers use the water to irrigate vegetable crops.
Most of the hot spring hotels and resorts are located on Deyang Road, Zhongzheng Road, and Zhongshan Road. Since the hotels and resorts are near Jiaoxi Train Station, it is convenient to visit Jiaoxi.

Visitors may take railway to Jiaoxi Railway Station.

Antong Hot Spring Tour- Hualien, Eastern Taiwan

Situated in Yuli Township, Antong Hot Spring is one of popular springs in Taiwan. It offers beautiful views of the mountains and Antong River. The color of the spring water is clear, and it contains full of minerals. The temperature of the water is up to 66 degree Celsius, so guests may boil egg in the spring. Antong Hot Spring was developed early. Without any commercial purpose, the office of Yuli Township has built a public pool for people to enjoy.

Visitors may take train to Antong Train Station. Antong Hot Springs are reachable within a short walk from Antong Train Station.

Rueisuei Hot Spring- Hualien, Eastern Taiwan

Situated in Rueisuei Town, Hualien County, Rueisuei Hot Spring is the only alkaline sodium carbonate spring in Taiwan. The hot spring water contains rich iron, barium and minerals that colored water in copper red with a thick layer of minerals on spring water which is known as the spring flowers. Rueisuei Hot Spring features alkaline spring water with a PH of 6 to 7. A legend believed by the locals that for ones who bath in Rueisuei Hot Spring has a higher chance in delivering male babies. Rueisuei Hot Springs, along with Hongyeh Hot Springs and Antong Hot Springs are noted as the three main hot springs in Taiwan East Rift Valley Area of Hualien and Taitung. What is more, the Rueisuei Hot Spring is renowned the most popular one.

Visitors may take train to Hualien Ruesuei Station, then transfer with Hualien Bus bound for Fuli, and get off at Rueisuei Stop.

Hongyeh (Red Leaves) Hot Spring Tour – Hualien, Eastern Taiwan

Hongyeh Hot Spring is situated in Hongyeh (Red Leaves) Town, Hualien County; the town earned its name for having numerous maple trees in early years. Hongyeh Hot Spring, Antong Hot Spring and Rueisuei Hot Spring are renowned as the three main hot springs in Taiwan East Valley Area. The Hongyeh Hot Spring is known as the inner hot spring while Rueishuei is known as outer hot spring due to the vicinity to downtown. The spring water of Hongyeh Hot Spring is clear, colorless and odorless with an average temperature at 47 degrees Celsius. Hongyeh Hot Springs were found by the Atayal aboriginal tribe and gained popularities since the Japanese occupation. Having the vicinity of Rueisuei Hot Spring, visitors are suggested to visit both Hongyeh and Rueisuei Hot Springs for their Hualien travel.

Visitors may take train to Hualien Ruesuei Station, then transfer with Hualien Bus bound for Fuli, and get off at Rueisuei Stop.

Jhihben Hot Spring Tour- Taitung, Eastern Taiwan

Situated in Beinan Town, Jhihben Hot Spring is one of the notable hot springs in Taiwan. It offers magnificent mountain and river sceneries. The hot spring water features a basic carbonate quality; odorless and colorless with a temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius. Various public bathhouses and inns were built during the Japanese occupation. After the recovery of Taiwan, several hot spring developments were established along valleys surrounded by mountains and great nature sceneries. Other than enjoying precious hot spring resources here at Jhihben, the cultures and histories of local aboriginal tribes are other highlights of this area. The delicious local aboriginal delicacies, enriched historical background, precious hot spring resources will ensure you a memorable Taitung travel.

Visitors may take train to Jhihben Railway Station and take a taxi to Jhihben Hot Spring.

Turtle Island Underwater Hot Spring Tour – Yilan

Turtle island is a small, solitary island with a land mass of 2.9 square kms, located about 10kms off the coast of Toucheng in Yilan County, Taiwan. The island used to be a military controlled area and it is not until the year 2000, the government allows access for tourism purposes. The island has volcanic terrain that from certain angles looks like a floating turtle in the sea, hence the name “Turtle island”. 

Wushih Harbor is the gateway for all visitors coming or going to Turtle Island. Wushih Harbor can be reached several ways.

A.(Scenic) Drive along Seafront Provincial Highway Tai-2 towards Yilan County; pass through Beiguan, before arriving at Wushih Harbor.

B.(Direct) Drive along NO.5 Beiyi Freeway and turn left at Ercheng onto County Road #191, drive all the way to Dingpu, and take Provincial Highway Tai-2 to Wushih Harbor.