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DongPu Hot Spring Tour- Nantou

Located in Nantou, Xinyi County with an elevation of a thousand and two hundred above sea level, Dongpu Hot Spring is a well-known hot spring in Taiwan. The developments of Dongpu Hot Spring began with a bathhouse that was established during the Japanese occupation. It was later managed and opened to publics after the recovery of Taiwan. As time passed, numerous people visited Dongpu Hot Spring and found the enriched nature resources of beautiful sceneries and precious hot spring. Therefore, Dongpu Hot Spring has become an important hot spring site.
The hot spring water has an average temperature at forty-eight degrees Celsius; the temperature will be higher in winter and lower in summer. Also, misty views will be formed When the spring water slitting through stones. The hot spring water is clear and edible, visitors may experience bathing and drinking the hot spring water for relaxations and reliefs. In addition, due to its landscape surrounded by mountains, the weather at Dongpu Hot Spring Area is generally mild all year round. Overall, Dongpu Hot Spring is an excellent place for your Taiwan travel in all seasons.

Visitors may take train to Changhua Ershuei Station, then transfer Jiji Line to Suili, and interchange with Yuanlin bus to Dongpu Hot Spring.

Lushan Hot Spring Tour- Nantou

Located in Nantou, Lushan Hot Spring was known as Fuji Hot Spring during the occupation of the Japanese. Surrounded by mountains with an elevation of four hundred meters above sea level, the Lushan Hot Spring often brings visitors a mysterious and unique hot spring experience. A legend says that the founding of the hot spring was that an aboriginal hunter found the ill and injured animals get cured through soaking in the hot spring water.
The Lushan Hot Spring has an average temperature at eighty-seven degrees Celsius; its spring is clear and odorless. Other than bathing at Lushan Hot Spring, visitors may also make cup noodles and boil eggs! In addition, the beautiful Sakura blossom often enriches visitors with a romantic Taiwan hot spring experience.

1. Visitors may take GuoGuang Bus from Taipei to Puli, and then transfer Nantou Bus to Lushan Hot Spring.
2. Visitors may take train or bus to Taichung Gancheng Station; transfer bus to Puli, and interchange Nantou Bus to Lushan Hot Spring. 

Puli Hot Spring Tour- Nantou

Nantou County is an agricultural town that is famous for her floriculture, delicacies and vintage wines. Located in northern part of Nantou County, Puli Township locates at the center of Taiwan. The town is surrounded by mountains and has an elevation of three hundred and eighty to seven hundred meters above sea level. With an ideal environment and weather, Puli has an excellent water resource; it is also one of the two major floriculture origins in Taiwan. Puli Hot Spring is a new hot spring site that was cultivated in 2002. The locals consider Puli hot spring is a hot spring that was cultivated by the 921 Earthquakes! The hot spring water has a temperature ranges from forty-five Celsius to fifty-five Celsius with a PH value of 8.20. In conclusion, due to the enriched flower resources, Puli Hot Spring is also known as “the Hot Spring of Flowers”! Visitors are invited to enjoy beautiful flowers, great wines, and unique hot springs at Puli.

1. Visitors may take GuoGuang Bus from Taipei to Puli.
2. Visitors may take train or bus to Taichung Gancheng Station, then transfer bus to Puli.

Guguan Hot Spring Tour- Taichung

At the altitude of eight hundred meters, Guguan Hot Spring located in Taichung City, and is the middle stop of Central Cross Highway. The spring was found in Qing Dynasty, and was also called “Meiji Hot Spring”. One can enjoy the beautiful maple viewing in autumn. Another great place for maple viewing is the Lushan Hot Spring in Nantou County. Lushan not only has hot springs, but also has delightful mountain scenery and many fun resorts. Next to Yushan National Park, there is a Dongpu Hot Spring Area suitable for flower viewing. The temperature of Dongpu hot spring is at about 45 degrees celsius. As the other hot spring area in central Taiwan, Dongpu Hot Spring features aboriginal culture of Bunun Tribe. Besides hot spring, Dongpu’s fruits such as grapes, plums, and pears are famous local product.

Visitors may take Fonyuan Bus from Taichung Train Station to Dongshih Station, then transfer Guguan route to Guguan Hot Spring.

Da Keng Hot Spring Tour – Taichung

Unlike other natural hot springs in Taiwan, Da Keng Hot Spring was found by manmade drilling. Situated in Taichung Da Keng Scenic Area, the hot spring features an average temperature of 50 degrees Celsius with a PH of 7 to 8. While taking a bath in Da Keng Hot Spring, visitors may appreciate different natural sceneries throughout the year. In addition, visitors may also enjoy hiking and breathing phytoncid at Da Keng mountain area, as well as visit nearby Taichung attractions such as the National Museum of Natural Science, Feng Chia Night Market, Chungshan Park and many others for a delightful Taichung travel.

Visitors may take Fong Yuan Bus at the front of Taichung Railway Station to DaKeng Station.