Eastern Taiwan

Discover Hualien’s unparalleled beauties

Taroko National Park
Itinerary Map

Day 1: Cisingtan Scenic AreaChihsingtan Katsuo MuseumPine GardenMt. Meilun (great place for firefly tours in summer) Nanbin Night MarketHualien hotel

Day 2: Taroko National Park (Shakadang Trail )BuluowanSwallow GrottoTunnel of Nine TurnsTianxiang

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 Taiwan offshore tour to Green Island

Green Island
Itinerary Map

Day 1: Taitung Railway Station/Taitung AirportBasian CaveShihyusan (Stone Umbrella) SansientaiTaiyuan ValleyJhihben Hot SpringTaitung hotel

Day 2: Fugang Port (short ferry ride to Green Island) Green Island (Water Activities/hot spring bath at Jhaorih Hot Spring) Overnight in Green Island

Day 3: Green Island (Sightseeing Tour: Sleeping Beauty Skerry, the Oasis Village, Sika Ecological Park ) Ferry ride back to Fugang PortTaitung Railway Station/Taitung Airport